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Biota Fermentation - Curried Cauliflower, 500g

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Quick Description

Biota Fermentation’s Curried Cauliflower is pickled to perfection using natural fermentation techniques, securing beneficial live cultures to promote digestion.

Key Information

  • Natural fermentation processes enrich the cauliflower with live cultures
  • Ingredients sourced from local providers
  • Retains a crunchy texture
  • Spicy and earthy flavours
  • Vegan

Product Overview

Biota Fermentation brings you its pickled Curried Cauliflower, a product that tastes great and is super beneficial for your body’s digestive system!

Biota Fermentation uses natural fermentation processes to produce an abundance of live cultures. This enriches the Curried Cauliflower with probiotics, unlike other fermentation processes that use vinegar. These probiotics give your body beneficial bacteria that help you to digest foods better and take in more nutrients from foods you eat during the day.

Fermentation has been practised for years to improve the shelf life of foods. However, foodies in the western world have only recently hopped onto this trend to access all the health-related beneficial properties of fermented foods.

Biota Fermentation is dedicated to practising these traditional preservation techniques, using only the highest quality ingredients from local providers to ensure their products are as nutritious as possible.

Curried Cauliflower by Biota Fermentation has a crisp and tangy flavour that carries some heat and is a perfect addition to any savoury dish. 

For the perfect pairing, serve with delicious vegan raita, made with vegan yoghurt, cucumber, red onion, garlic and salt.


Cauliflower, carrots, garlic, green onions, Vancouver island salt, curry powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What natural fermentation process is used?

Biota Fermentation pickles its cauliflower using the lacto-fermentation process, where an oxygen-free environment causes the lactobacillus to turn sugar into lactic acid. This prevents harmful bacteria from growing.

Not only does this process increase shelf life, but it also means that the fermented cauliflower becomes rich in vitamins and enzymes that encourage the natural digestion processes in the body.

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Biota Fermentation - Curried Cauliflower, 500g
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