Biota Fermentation - Napa Kimchi, 500g

Biota Fermentation - Napa Kimchi, 500g
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Biota Fermentation - Napa Kimchi, 500g

Brand - Biota Fermentation
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Quick Description

Fancy taking a trip to beautiful Korea? Biota Fermentation’s Napa Kimchi is packed full of delicious taste, transporting you to a world of unmatched flavour.

Key Information

  • Fermented using natural and traditional preservation techniques
  • Product rich in quality and live cultures
  • Produced by hand in small batches in Vancouver
  • Napa Kimchi is a Korean speciality
  • This product supports local farmers

Product Overview

Biota Fermentation’s Napa Kimchi is a beautiful and unique treat. This Korean speciality has a slightly spicy taste paired with chilli, ginger and sour notes.

Unlike other kimchi, Biota Fermentation’s kimchi is extra smooth. This is because salt is massaged into the cabbage before fermentation to give it an amazingly smooth texture. Its taste is also not overpowering like some kimchi can be, having the perfect balance of flavours for an enjoyable snack.

You can delight in Biota Fermentation’s Napa Kimchi in many ways. It can be enjoyed on its own due to its delicious flavour, adding a yummy tang to your day. It is also perfect with rice, soups and stir-fries- the list is endless.

Due to its zesty tartness, this unique flavouring can be paired nicely with many dishes, balancing and complementing many meals. This makes it a very versatile delicacy.

This Kimchi is also stored in beautifully designed jars, making it both pleasing aesthetically and pleasing in flavour.


big juicy chunks of napa cabbage, ginger, chilli, onion and garlic

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this fermentation take place?

Biota Fermentation creates this delectable Napa Kimchi by fermenting cabbage with ginger, chilli, onion and garlic. During this fermentation process, lactic acid is produced by bacteria. As the bacteria metabolise carbohydrates, it turns to lactic acid (a process called lacto-fermentation).

This creates that amazing, unique tangy taste. As this kimchi also includes garlic, the fermentation process intensifies the garlic taste, creating a powerful kick.

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