Bob's Red Mill - Gluten-Free Oats

Bob's Red Mill - Gluten-Free Oats

Brand - Bob's Red Mill
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Quick Description

Made with the finest kiln-roasted whole grain oats, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats are wholesome, nourishing and sustaining, perfect for your morning oatmeal. 

Key Information

  • Non-GMO gluten-free oats available in Whole Grain Steel Cut & Quick Cooking Rolled varieties
  • Perfect for breakfast oatmeal, overnight oats, gluten-free baking and more
  • Roasted for a wholesome, toasty flavour 
  • Rich in fibre & protein
  • Great source of slow-release energy
  • Processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility 

Product Overview

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats are a fantastic fibre-full addition to your gluten-free diet. They undergo rigorous testing and are processed in a dedicated gluten-free facility to ensure they are safe for you and your family to enjoy. 

Everyone knows that oats are a wonderful way to start the day. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats make the perfect wholesome breakfast that will keep you feeling fuller for longer and deliver a delicious dose of slow-release energy. Simmer them in your favourite plant milk for oatmeal, or soak overnight for overnight oats. Swirl or scatter with your favourite toppings and grab a spoon. These oats are also perfect for gluten-free baking and cooking. 

Low in fat and rich in fibre and protein, Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats are healthy, hearty and delicious. They are also a great source of essential nutrients such as calcium, iron and potassium. 

Gluten-Free Whole Grain Steel Cut Oats, 680g

Kiln-toasted and cut on a steel burr mill, these are oats to enjoy the old-fashioned way. They take a little longer to cook but you will be rewarded with oatmeal that is dreamy, creamy and flavourful, with just the right level of bite. You can also make them in the slow cooker. 

Gluten-Free Quick Cooking Rolled Oats, 794g

Faster than steel-cut but packed with the same amount of plant power, these fine-milled rolled oats make a fantastic healthy alternative to those sugary “instant oats” packets. They are ready in just 3 minutes, perfect for busy mornings.


Gluten-Free Whole Grain Steel Cut Oats, 680g: Whole Grain Oats.

<strong ">Gluten-Free Quick Cooking Rolled Oats, 794g: Whole Grain Oats. 

Please be aware that a small percentage of the gluten-free population cannot tolerate even the purest of oats. If you are unsure whether oats are suitable for your diet, please check first with your doctor before eating them.

Ferquently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats? 

Oats are one of the healthiest grains on earth. They are packed with fibre, protein and essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Studies show that enjoying oats on a regular basis can help maintain a healthy weight, lower and stabilize blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Oats are a naturally gluten-free whole grain, however, they are usually contaminated with gluten in facilities that process wheat. Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats are produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, meaning that those who follow a gluten-free diet can enjoy these amazing oaty health benefits too!