Chimes - Gourmet Ginger Chews, 141.8g Assorted Flavours

Chimes - Gourmet Ginger Chews, 141.8g Assorted Flavours

Brand - Chimes
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Quick Description

Try out these Gourmet Ginger Chews from Chimes. All-natural candy alternative with all that earthy sweetness and spice. 

Key Information

  • The perfect pocket-sized sweet treat!
  • Gluten-free 
  • 100% non-GMO & USDA certified organic ingredients.
  • Zero artificial flavours or colourings 
  • Comes in three fun varieties! 

Product Overview 

Get that oh-so-good kick of tangy ginger throughout the day with these Gourmet Ginger Chews from Chimes. Coming in three unique assorted flavours, these chews have all the fun of your favourite candy, but without the sugar and artificial ingredients. So what are you waiting for?

Made with 100% non-GMO and USDA Certified organic ingredients, these bite-sized chews contain zero artificial flavours or colourings but are bursting full of natural taste! 

By using organic root ginger as the base ingredient in these gourmet ginger chews, experts at Chimes have created foolproof goodies that not only taste good but help boost the immune system and leave you feeling your absolute best. 

Make the switch to these Gourmet Ginger Chews today. You certainly won’t regret it. 

Gourmet Ginger Chews Original Ginger

The gourmet chew that started it all, there really is nothing else quite like Chimes’ Original Ginger Chews. Organic cane sugar balances out the tangy spice of the root ginger and tapioca starch works to fuse the ingredients together into a bite-sized chew. 

Guaranteed to leave you feeling, cleansed, fresh and ready-for-action, these chews are the perfect thing to always have on hand - particularly in case of a sore throat emergency!

Gourmet Ginger Chews Mango

Transport yourself to the tropics with these Mango flavoured Gourmet Ginger Chews from Chimes. Infused with natural mango flavouring, these are a fun twist on the OG ginger chew and would be the perfect thing if you’re a fan of all things sweet. 

Gourmet Ginger Chews Orange

Deeply fragrant and aromatic, surprise your senses with these Gourmet Orange Chews with natural orange flavouring. Reminiscent of a winter mulled wine, these miniature chews are hugely warming and are sure to leave you feeling comforted and satisfied. 


Original Ginger Chews 
Cane Sugar, Ginger, Tapioca Starch.

Mango Ginger Chews 
Cane Sugar, Ginger, Tapioca Starch, Natural Mango Flavour.

Orange Ginger Chews 
Cane Sugar, Ginger, Tapioca Starch, Natural Orange Flavour.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is so great about Chimes?

A family business through and through, Chimes is committed to carrying on the culinary traditions of its Indonesian ancestors - for whom candied ginger was the magnum opus of sweet treats.

Here at PlantX, we love a brand that is committed to using authentic techniques and natural ingredients to give customers some of the very best plant-based snacks on the market! What’s not to love?