Chiwis Kiwi Chips - Kiwi Chips, 50g

Chiwis Kiwi Chips - Chiwis Original Kiwi Chips, 50g - front
Chiwis Kiwi Chips - Chiwis Tropical Mix Kiwi Chips, 50g - front
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Chiwis Kiwi Chips - Kiwi Chips, 50g

Brand - Chiwis
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Quick Description

Made with 100% real fruit & bursting with delicious superfruit benefits, Chiwis Kiwi Chips are an all-natural candy alternative, perfect for healthy snacking. 

Key Information

  • Superfruit kiwi snacks available in Original Kiwi & Tropical Mix varieties 
  • A healthy and nutritious candy substitute made from 100% real fruit
  • Great source of vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium & fibre
  • Gluten-free, nut-free and paleo-friendly
  • No added sugar 

Product Overview

Ever heard of a kiwi-flavoured candy? How about a candy made from kiwi? No? Introducing: Chiwis Kiwi Chips, the kiwi-tastic candy alternative you never knew you needed! Made from 100% real fruit, these dried kiwi snacks are bursting with brilliant superfood benefits. Plus, they have all the tangy, sweet flavour and chewy texture that will curb those candy cravings. 

Chiwis Kiwi Chips are rich in all sorts of beneficial micronutrients, courtesy of Chiwis’ hero ingredient: the humble, hairy kiwi. Kiwis are a fantastic source of vitamins C, A & E, as well as antioxidants, potassium and gut-boosting fibre. Plus, research shows that kiwis are a heart-healthy fruit, rich in bioactive compounds that may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and other heart-related conditions. 

With no added sugar and no added oils, these nutritious superfruit snacks sound like a pretty good swap for candy or chips to us! 

Chiwis Kiwi Chips are the perfect snack on the go for kids and adults alike. Great for work, school, hikes or day trips, each handy packet contains the equivalent of 4 kiwis! These immunity-boosting bites are gluten-free, nut-free and paleo-friendly. 

Chiwis Kiwi Chips are processed in a way that preserves all the amazing nutrients found in the fresh kiwis. In fact, these innovative chips contain around 3½ times the amount of fibre, vitamins, and minerals per gram than fresh fruit. 

Chiwis Original Kiwi Chips

The OG kiwi snack, these tasty chips contain nothing but pure kiwi goodness. Crisp, sweet and tangy, Chiwis Chips will have you appreciating the humble kiwi in a whole new light! 

Chiwis Tropical Mix Kiwi Chips

Fancy adding a tropical twist to your kiwi chips? Rich in fibre and packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants, this tropical mix is made with dried kiwi, pineapple and coconut to deliver even more superfruit benefits.


Chiwis Original Kiwi Chips: Kiwi

Chiwis Tropical Mix Kiwi Chips: Kiwi, pineapple, coconut.

Frequently asked questions

Why do Chiwis Kiwi Chips have the kiwi skin left on?

Chiwis Kiwi Chips are made using the whole kiwi fruit, including the skin. This is because the skin on kiwis is full of beneficial antioxidants and other essential nutrients that the folks at Chiwis didn’t want you to miss out on. The kiwi skin also helps to give Chiwis Kiwi Chips that unique fruity flavour in every bite! 

Did you know that when you eat the skin of the kiwi you are actually enjoying triple the fibre content and even more vitamin C than when you just eat the kiwi flesh? This fibre will keep you feeling fuller for longer, meaning these delicious healthy chips will keep you going between meals. 

Plus, leaving on the kiwi skin means less waste, and less waste means a happier planet. 

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