Eat Wholesome - Organic Sauerkraut, 909ml

Eat Wholesome - Organic Sauerkraut, 909ml - front
Eat Wholesome - Organic Sauerkraut, 909ml - nutrition facts
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Eat Wholesome - Organic Sauerkraut, 909ml

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Fuel your body with Eat Wholesome’s nutritional Organic Sauerkraut. As a source of probiotics, Vitamins C and K, it’s an excellent addition to your diet.

Key Information

  • Excellent source of fibre and vitamins C and K
  • Contains probiotics
  • Naturally Fermented
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic and Gluten-Free
  • Seeds donated for every sale.

Product Overview

Eat Wholesome’s Organic Sauerkraut isn’t just a treat for your wellbeing, but for your flavour palate too. It’s gluten-free, so it is easy on your tummy and won’t leave you feeling bloated, just refreshed and satisfied!

Sauerkraut is incredibly nutritious, too! The natural fermentation process boosts the already highly nutritious cabbage with probiotics that can aid the digestive process and help maintain healthy gut flora.

With simple ingredients, this Organic Sauerkraut doesn't need to go overboard to achieve the tastiest flavours and is the perfect example of how sometimes less is more. This fun lunchtime addition to your diet is the ideal ingredient to add to grilled cheese, baked potatoes, avocado toast, tuna salads or sandwiches!


Organic cabbage (60%), water, salt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Eat Wholesome and what are their aims and goals?

As an independently owned and family-run business that originated in 2014, Eat Wholesome is the product of one family’s history of generations of farmers and artisan food producers.

Their family vision and goal of always producing organic and naturally sourced food derives from years and years of healthy food production and the shared value of great tasting flavours!

Brian Z is the company’s founder, who credits his business to growing up working on his family’s farmer market, where his love for organic and naturally sourced food grew!
Eat Wholesome’s ethos is that everyone should have access to foods that are nutrient-rich and health beneficial. This is why they donate the equivalent of seeds for one square foot of farmland for each product bought.