Ethical Bean Coffee Company - Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 340g

Ethical Bean Coffee Company - Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 340g-1
Ethical Bean Coffee Company - Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 340g-3
Ethical Bean Coffee Company - Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 340g
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Ethical Bean Coffee Company - Organic Whole Bean Coffee, 340g

Brand - Ethical Bean Coffee Company
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Quick Description

Need the perfect kickstart to your day? The Ethical Bean provides a delicious selection of Whole Bean Organic Coffee for a magical cup of goodness.

Key information

  • USDA Organic coffee
  • 100% Fairtrade certified
  • Roasted in Canada
  • 100% Arabica
  • Sourced seasonally with the harvest calendar

Product overview

When you think about your morning routine, does making coffee take a central role? Perhaps it's what you look forward to as soon as you wake up? The Ethical Bean Coffee Company can take this task from mundane to magnificent. These whole beans provide a rich taste that will make your mornings warm, cozy, and delicious. From that first sip, you won’t be able to drink coffee another way again.

This coffee is sourced seasonally, ensuring the freshest flavour. This seasonal sourcing means that the origin of the coffee will change throughout the year in order to provide the best quality of flavour. The coffee beans are then artisan roasted in Canada, made with love and passion for the best possible taste.

To brew this coffee, The Ethical Bean Coffee Company recommends two tablespoons of ground coffee for every six ounces of water. 

Sweet Espresso

The Sweet Espresso is made from medium-dark roasted whole beans. It has a subtly sweet flavour, making it perfect for those with a sweet tooth. 


This Lush coffee is a medium-dark roast, preserving the unique flavours in the whole beans. It contains fruit, smoke and earthy notes providing this deep, rich taste that will leave you longing for more. A bestseller that will set your taste buds dancing. 


The Ethical Bean Company’s decaf coffee is a dark roast, creating this stronger taste that is known and loved. It provides all of the intensity and flavour that your heart adores. This decaf coffee is perfect for those who do not drink caffeine but enjoy the delicious coffee taste. It is decaffeinated without chemicals, using the Mountain Water Process.


Sweet Espresso
100% Arabica Coffee

100% Arabica Coffee

100% Arabica Decaffeinated Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Ethical Bean Coffee Company so special?

Each bag of coffee sourced by The Ethical Bean Coffee Company is unique. This is presented as each bag of coffee contains its own, individual QR code that can be scanned on your smart phone or device. This code allows you to see the journey that your coffee has been on, from the farm to the cup. Not only does this allow you to feel confident knowing where your coffee has come from, but it allows you to know exactly how it was made as ethically as possible.

The Ethical Bean Coffee Company is also 100% Fair trade certified. The founders of the company saw that there were many coffee farmers in Guatemala living below the poverty line. They believed that there was a better way to work with these farmers to benefit them and their income from sourcing these beans. 

They also create their coffee in the most sustainable way possible. This is through using renewable energy, monitoring their carbon footprint and running a bag recycling programme. Each of these factors makes this an incredible company to buy your coffee from.