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Fontaine Sante - Hummus

Assorted Flavours, 227g

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Quick Description

Level up your dips with Fontaine Sante’s Hummus. Thick, creamy, delicious and available in two mouth-watering flavours - you can’t go wrong.

Key Information

  • Source of Fibre and Omega 3
  • Low in saturated fats and 0 trans fats
  • Perfect for dipping, spreading, mixing, or stuffing
  • Fuss-free way to add flavour
  • No added preservatives
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

Hummus. The front runner of dips. The perfect flavour-filled dip for your chips, veggies or nachos. The simplest way to liven up your baked potato or salad. And the ideal vegan spread for inside your sandwich instead of butter. Quite frankly, hummus is the answer. 

Founded in 1990, Fontaine Sante has perfected hummus beyond compare. With each ingredient carefully selected for its nutritional benefits and divine taste, this is flavour and goodness all mixed into one. 

Fontaine Sante’s range of hummus is a good source of fibre and omega-3s, while being low in saturated fats, 0 trans fats and cholesterol-free.

When it comes to veganism, there’s a lot of brilliant alternatives. But nothing beats the timeless vegan classics. Naturally vegan, bursting with flavour and endless options to serve it - you can’t go wrong. 

Fontaine Sante Traditional Hummus

Nothing beats the classic, right? For those of us who like to keep to traditions, this is the hummus for you. Chickpeas, tahini and spices blended together for the perfect thick, tasty and creamy flavour. This is timeless done right.

Fontaine Sante Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Fancy upping your dip game with a peppery twist? Then this is the hummus for you. Chickpeas, deliciously roasted red bell pepper, and tahini all blended together for a heavenly twist on classic hummus. With subtle touches of sea salt, vinegar, and garlic to finish everything off - it’s a flavour-filled explosion packaged up in a convenient little tub.


Fontaine Sante Traditional Hummus
Cooked chickpeas, tahini (sesame butter), canola oil, water, concentrated lemon juice, sea salt, vinegar, garlic.

Fontaine Sante Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
Cooked chickpeas, roasted red bell peppers, tahini (sesame butter), water, canola oil, concentrated lemon juice, sea salt, vinegar, garlic.

How to keep my Fontaine Sante Hummus in good condition? 

The date that is printed on your hummus pot is for the unopened product, so make sure to open it before then so don’t waste your pot of tasty goodness. Once you have opened your hummus pot to tuck in, it will remain in tasty condition for 3-5 days. Simply make sure to keep the lid closed and the pit refrigerated and you can enjoy the fresh flavour over a few days.

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Fontaine Sante - Hummus
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