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Frontier Co-op - Organic Basil Leaf Flakes, 10g

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Quick Description

Missing something from your dish? Frontier Co-op’s Basil Leaf Flakes provides the perfect savoury flavour to complement your cooking. A kitchen cupboard must-have!

Key Information

  • Sustainable product directly from growers
  • Purely organic
  • Natural Product
  • Only one ingredient
  • Highest quality
  • Non-irradiated

Product overview

Ever find yourself cooking and wanting to switch up your everyday dishes? Frontier Co-op’s Basil Leaf Flakes may be just what you are looking for. It is easy to add these dried herbs to make your usual dish more exciting and flavoursome.

With no need to prepare this basil, adding it to your meals takes a matter of seconds, taking your dish to another level with a burst of flavour.
These basil flakes make a perfect pairing with pizzas, pasta sauces, vegetables and soups. They complement and enhance their taste, making an essential ingredient for cooking. Basil’s warm, slightly minty flavour is a must-have in every home.

This product contains only one ingredient - dried organic basil. This allows you to feel good about what you are adding to your food, with no unnecessary additives. As Frontier Co-op Basil Flakes are also organic, you can rest assured knowing that this herb is as pure as possible and better for the environment than perhaps other herbs.


Organic Basil

Frequently Asked Questions

How can basil flakes be used differently from fresh basil?

Not everyone has time to sit and prepare fresh basil, cutting and washing it before cooking. How can this be counteracted?

Basil flakes are perfect for when you do not have much time on your hands. These flakes are pre-prepared, meaning that with just a quick sprinkle, your cooking has another level and dimension of delicious flavour.

Another benefit to cooking with dried basil flakes is that dried herbs contain a stronger flavour. This means that only a small amount needs to be added to transform your cooking. YUM!

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Frontier Co-op - Organic Basil Leaf Flakes, 10g
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