Frontier Co-op - Organic Dill Weed Flakes, 11g

Frontier Co-op - Organic Dill Weed Flakes, 11g

Brand - Frontier Co-op
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Quick Description

Frontier Co-op’s Organic Dill Weed Flakes are aromatic, delicious and organic. It enhances all the flavours and elevates the taste without overpowering your dish.

Key Information

  • Organic Dill Weed Flakes
  • Owned by a company that prides itself on protecting the environment
  • 100% Kosher
  • Indigenous to Eastern Europe

Product Overview

Frontier Co-op’s Organic Dill Weed Flakes is a versatile and aromatic herb. These minuscule flakes can take your dishes to another dimension. It doesn’t dominate the dish, it pairs with it to create something which no one could ever resist. 

Dill is a kitchen staple in any cook's home. It can be used in the most simple of meals and the most complicated of dishes and it will always deliver! Experiment with it and find out what suits you! One of the many ways it can be used is by using it on seafood and fish, especially salmon. It is also a perfect addition to your salads, soups and stews! 

Go ahead and upgrade your regular dill at home with the Organic Dill Weed Flakes by Frontier Co-op. The versatile herb is much more aromatic and deliciously organic. Transform your dishes and satisfy your taste buds a million times over with this amazing herb. 


100% Organic Dill Weed Flakes

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Frontier Co-op’s Organic Dill Weed Flakes a good product to buy?

By purchasing this product you wouldn’t just be reaping all the benefits of this fantastic herb but you’d be supporting a business that is dedicated to protecting the environment. They make sure that none of their products have any questionable ingredients to ensure that customers receive the best quality products and products!