Frontier Co-op - Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes, 12g

Frontier Co-op - Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes, 12g- Pantry 1
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Frontier Co-op - Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes, 12g

Brand - Frontier Co-op
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Quick Description

Add a touch of flavour to your vegan cooking with the aromatic Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes from Frontier Co-op. Ideal for Mediterranean dishes.

Key information

  • 100% Certified Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes
  • Non-GMO
  • Naturally Gluten-free
  • Not irradiated
  • Kosher certified by KSA 

Product overview

Over the course of the centuries, thyme has earned its status as one of the standout herbs of Europe and the Mediterranean. With a range of uses in a variety of cuisines, this subtle aromatic herb works perfectly alongside other more pungent herbs and spices like rosemary, bay, sage, or nutmeg.

The Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes from Frontier Co-op achieve the same perfect flavour as freshly picked thyme leaves. Perfect for your soups, stews, and veggie dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I incorporate thyme in my cooking?

PlantX tip: Thyme is hugely versatile and works well in a variety of European and Mediterranean recipes - don’t be afraid to experiment with different vegetables to find what you like best.

One “to die for” recipe would be a vegan butternut squash lasagne with thyme - roast your butternut squash with a generous dose of the Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes and then layer with fennel or celery, vegan bechamel and lasagne sheets before cooking. Simple and delicious!


100% Certified Organic Thyme Leaf Flakes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we trust Frontier Co-op here at PlantX?

At PlantX we have a great deal of admiration for brands like Frontier Co-op - committed to delivering the best quality, fresh ingredients all while making sure that all produce is 100% ethically and sustainably sourced. Aside from their dedication to offering fresh and organic products, Frontier Co-op is particularly special because members have a say in all decision-making. 

Behind the scenes, there is a large team of members, experts and farmers cooperating and seeking out new trading relationships with organic farmers all around the world. With Frontier Co-op you are in truly safe hands - everything is ethical, organic and most importantly, delicious!