Genuine Tea - Organic Moringa Mint, 15 Bags

Genuine Tea - Organic Moringa Mint, 15 Bags

Brand - Genuine Tea
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Quick Description

Introducing Genuine Tea’s Organic Moringa Mint Blend. Refreshing peppermint paired with nutritional Moringa for the perfect balanced, healthy tea for any time of day!

Key Information

  • Refreshing, soothing and herbal tea
  • 100% organic ingredients.
  • Moringa leaves from Kerala, India
  • Ready in just 3-minutes
  • 15 bags

Product Overview

Introducing Genuine Tea’s Organic Moringa Mint blend. Refreshing, calming and herbal. The perfect soothing tea for any time of day.

Made with Pacific North-Western peppermint for a traditional minty kick and Indian Moringa leaves for their nutritional value and sweet, grassy taste. Prepare for a balanced and subtle minty tea with a healthy herbal twist.

Simply add 1 tablespoon into your favourite teapot, let steep for 3 minutes, sit back and enjoy! Organic, healthy and delicious - a real triple threat!


Organic Peppermint, Organic Moringa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moringa?

Moringa Oleifera is a plant native to northern India, often referred to as The Miracle Tree.
Brimming with vitamins and minerals, Moringa leaves contain more vitamin C than oranges and more potassium than bananas. Moringa also contains calcium, protein, iron, and amino acids. Moringa also has powerful antioxidant properties. Plant-based power at a new level!