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GoGo - Quinoa Pasta

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Quick Description

GoGo Quinoa’s quinoa-based pasta alternatives are mild tasting and delicious, packed with superfood power, and 100% gluten-free!

Key Information

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free Wheat Pasta Alternative
  • Source of Fiber, Protein, and Iron
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Plastic-Free, Recyclable Packaging

Product Overview

Introducing GoGo Quinoa’s fantastic range of wheat pasta alternatives, made from a nourishing blend of nutrient-dense, gluten-free flours, including sorghum, quinoa, amaranth, and chia. These pastas have a mild flavor and a chewy, bouncy texture that will come to life when cooked to al dente perfection. Choose from a range of fun shapes and colors.

GoGo Quinoa Pasta is made with the finest non-GMO ingredients and is free from artificial flavors, colors, or binding agents. The organic quinoa and other Andean grains are fairly traded and ethically sourced from South America.

GoGo Quinoa Pasta is full of fiber to support digestive health, plant protein, and iron, not to mention plenty of wellness-boosting antioxidants. Now you can eat delicious pasta and feel good about it while avoiding that post-pasta carb slump! Serve with your favorite plant-based sauces and tuck in!

Super Grains Fusilli 2 Colors

This colorful fusilli is made with a range of nutrient-dense super grains, including organic red quinoa, white quinoa, amaranth, and chia flour. Any sauce will cling satisfying to the classic spiral shape so serve with your favorite plant-based sauces and enjoy a bowl of delicious and ultra-nutritious pasta.

Super Grains Elbows

These cute, curvy tubes are made with a wholesome blend of organic quinoa flours, amaranth, and chia flour. Try these as a chunkier alternative to macaroni in vegan mac ‘n’ cheese and enjoy some creamy deliciousness, with plenty of added fiber, protein, and iron.

Anelli Vegetables & Turmeric Pasta

This multi-colored, bite-sized pasta will be loved by kids and adults alike. It is made from a nutritious blend of organic rice flour and organic quinoa flour for a satisfying, gluten-free texture and mild flavor. The three colors, derived from beets, spinach, and turmeric, are sure to brighten up your bowl.


Super Grains Fusilli 2 Colors: Organic sorghum flour, organic red quinoa flour, organic white quinoa flour, organic amaranth flour, organic chia flour.

Super Grains Elbows: Organic sorghum flour, organic red quinoa flour, organic white quinoa flour, organic amaranth flour, organic chia flour.

Anelli Vegetables & Turmeric Pasta: Organic rice flour, organic quinoa flour, organic beets, organic spinach, and organic turmeric.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GoGo Quinoa choose quinoa to make their wheat pasta alternatives?

Quinoa is considered a superfood. It offers a perfectly balanced profile of fiber and carbohydrates and is one of the few plant-based ‘complete’ proteins, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids our bodies need. While traditional durum wheat pasta may taste amazing, it’s not especially nutritious and those who are wheat intolerant, coeliac, or following a low carb diet cannot eat it.

GoGo Quinoa chooses to make their wheat pasta alternatives with quinoa to offer a nourishing, allergen-free alternative to be enjoyed by everyone. Quinoa crops also use fewer resources than rice and wheat and GoGo Quinoa uses only fairly traded, ethically sourced quinoa.

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