Greenhouse - Lime Lemongrass Kombucha, 340ml


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Greenhouse - Lime Lemongrass Kombucha, 340ml
Greenhouse - Lime Lemongrass Kombucha, 340ml - ingredient
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Greenhouse - Lime Lemongrass Kombucha, 340ml

Brand - Greenhouse
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Quick Description

Made with fermented lemongrass, Greenhouse Lime Lemongrass Kombucha has 0% caffeine but all of the probiotic benefits of your favourite sparkling refresher. 

Key Information

  • Caffeine-free fermented lemongrass kombucha 
  • Refreshing lime soda-like flavour
  • Full of beneficial probiotics 
  • Low sugar source of vitamin C & antioxidants 
  • Made with simple, organic ingredients
  • Handcrafted in Toronto 

Product Overview

Craving kombucha but cutting down on the caffeine? Greenhouse Lime Lemongrass Kombucha is a tea-free kombucha made with fermented organic lemongrass, spirulina and cold-pressed lime. With an uplifting lime soda-ish flavour, this fizzy refresher is packed with wellness benefits. 

Made with the finest organic ingredients, Greenhouse Lime Lemongrass Kombucha is carefully crafted in Toronto. As well as those beloved kombucha probiotics, it contains spirulina for some extra oomph. Spirulina is a blue-green algae packed with calcium, protein, iron and beta-carotene. 

Refreshing and energizing, Greenhouse Lime Lemongrass Kombucha is a perfect any-time thirst quencher. It can also be enjoyed as a healthy, low-sugar mixer for your favourite citrusy cocktail. 

Greenhouse is dedicated to making healthy, organic and sustainable beverages the new normal. Its pure plant-based elixirs are produced in a state of the art, energy efficient processing plant and packaged in reusable, recyclable glass bottles. 


Filtered Water, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Cold-Pressed Lime, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Spirulina, Kombucha Culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greenhouse Lime Lemongrass Kombucha doesn’t contain tea, how is it kombucha?

While kombucha is traditionally made with a base of green or black tea, sugar and live cultures, this new caffeine-free twist is just as tangy, delicious and packed with health benefits. 

Greenhouse Lime Lemongrass Kombucha is made by fermenting organic lemongrass with a traditional kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) and organic cane sugar. Just like tea, lemongrass is a strong prebiotic, which helps the beneficial probiotic bacteria to flourish. 

This zesty, floral kombucha is naturally effervescent, through the carbonation that occurs during fermentation. 

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