Joi - Organic Plant Milk Concentrate - Nut Base, 425g Multiple Flavours

Joi - Organic Plant Milk Concentrate - Nut Base, 425g Multiple Flavours

Brand - Joi
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Quick Description

This JOI Organic Plant Milk Concentrate is shelf-stable milk that comes in a jar. One jar makes seven quarts of delicious plant-based milk!

Key Information

  • Organic Nut-Base Concentrates
  • Makes seven quarts of plant-based milk
  • Made with just one ingredient
  • Shelf-stable base and easy to make
  • Available in Cashew or Almond

Product Overview

Wave goodbye to heavy jugs or cartons of milk! JOI has reimagined the milk game with its Organic Plant Milk Concentrates in a jar.

You may also think that having to make milk at home whenever you need it may be such a hassle, but it isn’t. With JOI’s Organic Plant Milk Concentrates, your nut milk is ready in 30 seconds or less!

By using JOI’s Organic Nut Bases, you’re also making milk your way. Add a little more Milk Concentrate to make more flavourful milk or add less if you like. That’s totally up to you. What’s also up to you is what base to get because we’ve got a couple for you to choose from!


JOI’s Organic Almond Milk Base is made with just one ingredient: blanched organic almonds! Once your milk is ready, it can go in coffee, tea, and smoothies. This is 100% almond milk!


What can JOI’s Organic Cashew Base do? Make delicious cashew milk whenever you please! With a shelf life of 12 months, it’s always going to be there when you need it.


Almond Plant Milk Concentrate
Blanched Organic Almonds
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds)
Cashew Plant Milk Concentrate
Organic Cashews
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Cashews)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make milk using JOI’s Plant Milk Concentrates?

Easy! Add one tablespoon of nut base to one cup of water. That’s the ratio! Add more if you need more. Blend it for 30 seconds and you’ve got yourself delicious milk. If you like it to be creamier, just add more base.

How long will my milk last?

Once blended, your milk is good for seven days. So you can prepare more in advance and just keep that in the refrigerator for when you need it.

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