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Kikkoman - Less Sodium Soy Sauce, 296ml

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Quick Description

Feel good about switching to Kikkoman’s Less Sodium Soy Sauce, for a healthier, low sodium soy sauce without compromising on taste.

Key Information

  • Naturally brewed soy sauce
  • 43% less salt
  • All-purpose seasoning
  • 9.7g of protein per 100ml
  • No artificial additives

Product Overview

Kikkoman’s Less Sodium Soy Sauce is an essential all-purpose seasoning for your pantry. It has a plethora of uses in a number of cuisines. Elevate the flavours of your savoury dishes during cooking or keep it on the table as a condiment.

With such versatility, soy sauce makes a fantastic sauce for vegetables and noodles in a stir fry, as well as a marinade for tofu, and a tasty accompaniment to any sushi platter. Its umami flavour harmonizes well with other ingredients to make unique sauces, such as peanut butter and ginger.

With no added artificial colours or flavouring, this soy sauce delivers a distinct aroma, colour and rich flavour. As this soy sauce contains 43% less salt than Kikkoman’s Original Soy Sauce, there is an emphasis on a healthy dietary balance, making Less Sodium Soy Sauce ideal for people on a low sodium diet.

Despite its lower sodium content, Less Sodium Soy Sauce does not compromise on flavour, with an almost identical taste and same smooth texture to the original.


Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt, Spirit Vinegar, Ethyl Alcohol, Sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the origins of Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce?

From a 300-year-old recipe, Kikkoman is dedicated to creating delicious naturally brewed soy sauces for any cuisine, traditionally Chinese and Japanese. This naturally brewed soy sauce was formed from a special fermentation process of soybeans, a high protein legume native to Eastern Asia.

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Kikkoman - Less Sodium Soy Sauce, 296ml
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