Kite - Organic Sparkling Adaptogenic Tea, 355ml

Kite - Organic Sparkling Adaptogenic Tea, 355ml

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Kite produces delicious Organic Sparkling Adaptogenic Teas using plant-powered nutrition with healing properties of mindfulness and general wellbeing.

Key Information

  • Zero added sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Low calorie
  • Caffeine and gluten-free
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Packed with minerals, amino acids and antioxidants

Product Overview

Kite’s botanical brews are powerhouses in nutrition, using adaptogens to benefit both your taste buds and mental state. The organic and high-quality ingredients used include aromatic plant leaves that are incorporated into the sparkling teas to add a deep and earthy flavour. 

These plant leaves have important healing properties such as being antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, helping clear both the mind and body. These sparkling teas have pure ingredients as they are free from additives or caffeine, but are instead packed with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids beverages. 

When you take a sip of Kite’s sparkling teas, you can be sure that you’re consuming a clean product with the aim to restore balance in your life by reducing life’s stresses.

Sparkling Tea Align Tulsi Hibiscus

Every sip of this sparkling tea will clear your mind and reset your body, ready for the day ahead. The tangy hibiscus harmonizes with the organic Tulsi leaves to create a refreshing beverage with a delicious taste. 

Tulsi is an ancient and sacred plant, used to aid tranquillity and clarity for over 3000 years in India. Its soothing properties provide a sense of calmness in order to lower stress in the body. This sparkling tea contains three types of Tulsi leaves, delivering a powerful aroma and unique flavour. It is free from gluten, caffeine and added sugars or sweeteners. 

Sparkling Tea Rise Moringa Lemon

For an uplifted mood and a boost of energy, why not true Rise Moringa Lemon. This sparkling beverage combines the earthy flavours of green tea with organic Moringa and zesty lemon. It is the perfect natural energy source to get you through the day without the need for caffeine. 

The Moringa plant contains a staggering 90 nutrients as well as 46 antioxidants. It is considered powerful in energizing people and maintaining healthy skin.


Sparkling Tea Align Tulsi Hibiscus 
Purified Sparkling Water, Organic Tea Blend (Moringa Oleifera Leaf*, Krishna Tulsi Leaf*, Vana Tulsi Leaf*, Rama Tulsi Leaf*, Licorice Root*, Hibiscus Petals*, Turmeric Root*), Hibiscus Extract, Citric Acid
*Certified Organic Ingredient

Sparkling Tea Rise Moringa Lemon
Purified Sparkling Water, Organic Tea Blend (Moringa Oleifera Leaf*, Green Tea*, Licorice Root*, Ginger Root*, Turmeric Root*), Lemon Extract, Citric Acid 
*Certified Organic Ingredient

Frequently Asked Questions

What are adaptogenic ingredients?

Adaptogenic ingredients are derived from plants with particular healing properties used to restore the body to a state of balance known as homeostasis. They have long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions. This traditional remedy helps with restoring energy and clarity into daily life in order to support general health and wellbeing.