Le Pain des Fleurs - Organic Crispbread (Multigrains & Quinoa) Organic Crispbread, 150g

Le Pain des Fleurs - Organic Crispbread (Multigrains & Quinoa) Organic Crispbread, 150g

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Le Pain Des Fleurs Crispbreads are bursting with nutrition and flavour! Always gluten-free and high in fibre, they’re the perfect alternative to bread in a meal. 

Key Information

  • Organically grown in France
  • Available as Multigrains & Quinoa 
  • Fairly traded
  • Free from Gluten, Dairy, and Eggs
  • Kosher

Product Overview

As a perfect pick-me-up in the morning, Le Pain des Fleurs Organic Crispbreads are the ideal choice for a quick and delicious addition to your breakfast. They also go great alongside meals and are a tasty snack for a healthy energy boost.

Texture, taste and healthy ingredients are placed at the forefront of Le Pain De Fleurs’ ethos. They take the greatest care in ensuring that their products contain organic, natural products, with good nutritional value that will be as healthy as they are delicious. 

Equally, Le Pain De Fleurs place great priority on the simplicity of their recipes. This ensures that minimal allergens are included in all of their products, making them easy on your tummy and super digestible!

Coming in two different flavours - Organic Multigrains and Organic Quinoa, you’ll never get bored of these nutritious crispbreads - especially if you pair them with a topping of your choice! 


Three delicious and healthy flavours - rice, buckwheat, and millet - rolled into one scrumptious crispbread! With the lightest yet crispiest texture, Le Pain Des Fleurs’ Multigrain Crispbreads won’t leave you feeling bloated or stodgy - just energized and refreshed for a great start to your day!


Popular amongst adults and children, Le Pain Des Fleurs’ Quinoa Crispbreads are lightly toasted for the perfect crunchy texture. They are a great choice to get your daily source of iron and fibre into your and your child’s diet, along with a high magnesium content for plenty of energy!


Multigrains: Brown Rice Flour* (59.7%), Buckwheat Flour* (25%), Millet Flour* (15%), Sea Salt (<1%).
*All organically grown

Quinoa: Half-Brown Rice Flour*, Quinoa Flour* (40%), Whole Cane Sugar*, Sea Salt (<1%).
*All organically grown

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Le Pain De Fleurs achieve a balance of healthy eating and great-tasting snacks?

The crispy texture in each Le Pain De Fleurs’ product is what sets them apart from other snack food brands. Additionally, they take pride in their Organic Crispbreads due to their irresistible flavour and nutritional values. 

With high contents of magnesium and an ideal daily source of fibre and iron, they are perfect for and enjoyed by both children and adults. 100% of their crispbreads are designed and made in Haute-Loire in France, and all Le Pain De Fleurs products are entirely organic and locally grown, to reduce making a negative impact on the environment.