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Liva - Organic Date Syrup, 400g

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Quick Description

With Liva’s Organic Date Syrup made purely from organic raw dates, you can fully indulge your sweet tooth in a way that looks after your health.

Key Information

  • Organic
  • Made from 100% raw dates
  • Low Glycemic Index (GI)
  • More fibre, vitamins, and minerals than processed sugar
  • Sweet caramel flavour

Product Overview

Tired of battling between your rampant sweet tooth and weaker (but still powerfully guilt-inducing) desire to cut down on sugar?

Liva’s Organic Date Syrup may just be the answer!

This heavenly caramel-like syrup is made purely from organic raw dates, with nothing else added but love. This is a natural, pure, and healthier alternative to processed sugar.

This divine nectar has a gloriously smooth texture which makes it a delicious vegan alternative to honey. Perfect for squeezing onto your porridge, stirring into your herbal tea, spreading on your hot vegan-buttered toast, or baking into your vegan goods.

As well as having a low Glycemic Index (GI), Liva’s Organic Date Syrup also contains fibre, vitamins, and minerals not found in processed sugar. It is an all-around winner!


Raw organic dehydrated dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is date syrup considered healthier than refined sugar?

Date syrup is made from the whole date and so contains more fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants than processed sugar. Date syrup is said to be the most nutritionally rich sweetener.

Dates also contain less glucose and sucrose, which can cause insulin levels to spike, as well as less fructose than most sweeteners. Dates also contain potassium that helps your body to absorb sugar content slowly.

Client Reviews

Liva - Organic Date Syrup, 400g
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