Maison Orphée - Wine Vinegar (Red & White) Red Wine Vinegar, 500ml

Maison Orphée - Wine Vinegar (Red & White) Red Wine Vinegar, 500ml

Brand - Maison Orphée
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Quick Description

Add a splash of flavour to your summer salads with the new Red & White Wine Vinegars from Maison Orphée. Pressed from 100% Organic Italian grapes.

Key information

  • Vegan friendly
  • 100% Organic ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Naturally Gluten-free 
  • Unpasteurized - naturally contains sulphites 

Product overview

As one of Canada’s leading condiment brands, Maison Orphée is a true expert on the importance of high-quality, raw ingredients that are needed for any first-rate product. For over 30 years, Maison Orphée has been gathering some of the finest ingredients from all over the world to develop the unique recipes for its wide variety of condiments, oils and vinegar. 

Combined with world-class expertise, Maison Orphée ensures that all of its ingredients are organic, as well as sustainably sourced. This commitment to the environment never compromises on the taste - all of the grapes used in its vinegars are sourced from Italy and have been harvested with the utmost care to guarantee a vinegar of the best quality.

Here at PlantX, we love a brand that is dedicated to providing its customers with the best ingredients, without harming the planet.

Maison Orphée Red Wine Vinegar

This aromatic Red Wine Vinegar is sure to become a must-have staple in your kitchen. Ideal for dressings and vinaigrettes, this Italian vinegar is full of flavour without overwhelming your senses. Hugely versatile, Maison Orphée’s Red Wine vinegar can be combined with any number of ingredients to add that touch of acidity to your cooking.

Pressed from fresh and organic Italian grapes, this vinegar has delicate fruity tones and a slight sweetness which bring out the best flavours in your fruit and vegetables. 

Like with fine wine, this vinegar only gets better with age - leave it at the back of your pantry to let it develop and mature over time.

Maison Orphée White Wine Vinegar

The no secret ingredient with the White Wine Vinegar from Maison Orphée. Pressed from freshly harvested organic green grapes in the Italian countryside, this simple vinegar has no hidden ingredients and is entirely pure. The simplicity of the recipe does nothing to take away from the taste, if anything, it improves it! 

With a multitude of uses, this White Wine Vinegar is a worthwhile investment that can be stored for years at the back of your kitchen cupboard! 


Red Wine Vinegar: 100% Organic Red Wine Vinegar

White Wine Vinegar: 100% Organic White Wine Vinegar 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Red Wine Vinegar and White Wine Vinegar go well with?

Both Red and White Wine Vinegar are extremely versatile and go well with a variety of dishes. White Wine Vinegar tends to be milder and it’s particularly suitable for seasoning salads and making delicate marinades, condiments, and dressings. Red Wine Vinegar has a distinctive tangy flavour and is also excellent in salad dressings. It combines well with pretty much any sort of vegetables, it’s good for glazing potatoes, and an excellent ingredient for barbecue sauces. Do experiment! There is no better way of finding out what suits your palate.

PlantX tip for Red Wine Vinegar: The Red Wine Vinegar from Maison Orphée tastes excellent when served simply over a selection of fresh and organic buffalo, cherry and plum tomatoes from any local farmer’s market. Don’t forget to season generously with salt, pepper and olive oil for a truly delicious, fresh summer snack or side dish - perfect for a picnic or barbecue! 

PlantX tip for White Wine Vinegar: Combine the White Wine Vinegar with olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper for a subtly yet tangy vinaigrette which works well with a range of salads. We love this dressing poured over a simple walnut salad, with salad leaves, red onion and cherry tomatoes - simply delicious!