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Minor Figures - Barista Oat Milk, 1L

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Quick Description

Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk gives you an entirely guilt-free, yet extremely delicious way of enjoying your favourite hot beverage.

Key Information

  • Fantastic dairy-free source of Calcium
  • Created by baristas for baristas
  • Steaming will give you delicious, silky foam
  • Keep in a cool, dry place until opening, then store in the fridge
  • Brought to you by a carbon neutral company 

Product Overview

Whether it’s to soften some of coffee’s bitterness in a latte or to top a fragrant cappuccino, milk is a must-have for so many coffee and tea drinkers. Minor Figures brings you all you want and more in a dairy-free alternative to this barista staple. 

Made from the best quality oats, this milk is a great source of Calcium. Adding balance, richness and only the natural sweetness you expect from oats, you can enjoy the earthy, essential flavours of your preferred coffee or tea. It also steams up like a treat, creating a beautiful foam perfect for latte art.

Don’t let the moniker ‘Barista standard’ dissuade you, however. This oat milk is not only the perfect companion to your favourite hot beverage, it can also be enjoyed on its own or in your breakfast cereal. 

Minor Figures is also proud to be a Carbon Neutral company, making sure that any emissions created by production are counteracted. So by choosing Minor Figures, you’re also choosing the protection of the environment! 


Water, Oats, Rapeseed oil, Tricalcium Phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Salt.

Qrequently Asked Questions

Is Minor Figures Oat Milk Healthy?

Yes! Not only is it full of unsaturated fats, with no additives or emulsifiers, it is also great at helping you maintain the right cholesterol level. Also free of dairy, nuts, coconut and soy, it is very low in calories.

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Minor Figures - Barista Oat Milk, 1L
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