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It shoots out new heart shaped leaves that look as if it’s been splattered with paint. As the plant grows, it attaches itself to the climbing structure.

Key Information

Other Common Names: Shingle Plant
Binomial Name: Monstera dubia
Care Level: Medium
Light: Bright, indirect light
Water: Allow top 2” of the soil to dry
Pet Friendly: No

Plant Overview

The Monstera dubia has the ability to grow to impressive heights. It shoots out new heart shaped leaves that look as if it’s been splattered with paint. As the plant grows, it attaches itself to the climbing structure. This is where it gets its common name: Shingle Plant. Provide your Monstera dubia with bright, indirect light and allow the top 2” of the soil to dry in between watering.
PlantX Top Tip: Provide trellis or a moss pole to support & encourage new growth.

How to Care for Monstera Dubia?

Light: Prefers bright, indirect light.
Water: Allow the top 2 inches of the soil to dry before watering.
Humidity: Average relative humidity of 25% to 49%
Temperature: Average from 18°C to 24°C (65°F - 75°F)
Fertilizer: Follow a monthly fertilizing schedule when the plant is actively growing. In most cases, this is in the spring and summer. Use a balanced fertilizer - this means a ratio of NPK that is all the same. Ex: 10-10-10.
Soil: Use a well-draining, high organic matter soil mix with aroid medium.
Propagation: Stem cuttings can be placed in moist soil or water until it forms roots that are about 2-3” long then transplant to moist soil. Take a cutting with a node (where the petiole meets the main stem) and at least 2-3 healthy leaves on it.
Repotting: Can be done every 12-18 months. Choose a pot that is 2” larger in diameter than the original pot.
Cleaning Tip: Remove damaged / yellowing old leaves at the base of the petiole with a pair of shears.
Toxicity: Toxic. Always keep your plants away from pets and children.

Monstera Dubia - Common Problems

There are dark brown spots on the edges of the leaves? There are a few problems that create dark brown spots -

1. Low humidity. Monitor the humidity levels in your space, if needed you can increase the humidity by misting or with a humidifier. Keep the plant away from any dry heat sources.
2. Overwatering. Follow the watering instructions - allow the top 2” of the soil to dry before watering.
3. Too much sun. Which can lead to sunburn.

Why are the leaves turning yellow? As a plant matures they lose their bottom foliage. This is completely normal and unavoidable. If the upper leaves are turning yellow, you may need to reassess your watering routine or move the plant away from direct sunlight.
Why are the leaves starting to curl inwards? The Monstera dubia does not like sudden drops in temperature. If it becomes too cold, the leaves will begin to curl in to preserve its energy. Another reason could be showing a dramatic signal that it needs water!
Signs of Overwatering: New growth becomes soft and brown and the leaves begin to drop.
Common Pests: Scale, spider mites, and thrips.

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Monstera Dubia
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Best experience yet!

First time ordering plants from PlantX, but I'm no stranger to ordering plants period. I'm located in NS which is literally on the other side of the country and I can't tell you how impressed and happy I am with my purchase and overall experience. Took less than a week to ship (I actually got it a day early), the plants were truly beautifully packed and the size of the plant itself is incredible! Well worth the money! Will definitely be purchasing more in the future! Thank you PlantX! P.S. If I could include pictures to convince you, I would!


Hi Anastasia, You're amazing review is absolutely blowing us out of the water! We really are so happy that you're enjoying your plants. We hope to see you soon! Thanks for choosing PlantX! Stay curious. Stay planted. Stay healthy. Best, Rochelle PlantX

Shirley B.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product
Lovely plant

My plant arrived perfectly packed. And beautiful. I will recommend you to my friends.


Hi Shirley, You made our day over here! Thank you for your sweet review! We are pumped to hear this! Thanks for choosing PlantX! Stay curious. Stay planted. Stay healthy. Best, Natasha PlantX

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