Mount Hagen - Organic Fairtrade Instant Coffee (Regular & Decaf), 100g

Mount Hagen - Instant Coffee, 100g - front
Mount Hagen - Instant Coffee, 100g - back
Mount Hagen - Instant Decaf , 100g - front
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Mount Hagen - Organic Fairtrade Instant Coffee (Regular & Decaf), 100g

Brand - Mount Hagen
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Quick Description

Need delicious coffee quickly? Mount Hagen’s Instant Coffees allow for a rich, beautiful coffee in minutes. Perfect for those rushed mornings.

Key Information

  • 100% Organic Coffee
  • Fairtrade certified and vegan
  • Naturally gluten-free
  • Originates from Papua New Guinea
  • Approximately 60 cups of coffee per jar

Product overview

Mount Hagen’s coffee originates from Papua New Guinea, one of the best production areas in the world, providing the highest quality of flavour. These Arabica beans are used to provide its smooth, luxurious taste, bringing the coffee shop to your kitchen. Its unique flavour is unbeatable, transforming your entire coffee routine. 

This company pays careful consideration to remain both Fairtrade and organic. This is done through a holistic and ethical approach to farming, maintaining the environment in Papua New Guinea as they produce their delectable coffee.

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Struggling on those early mornings and just fancy a beautiful, high-quality coffee to immediately enhance your day? Mount Hagen’s Instant Coffee is a must-have! This coffee provides a rich, smooth, luxurious flavour which is everything you could want in an instant coffee. By simply adding hot water, your day will be instantly improved. 

Mount Hagen Instant Decaf

Mount Hagen’s Instant Decaf coffee is decaffeinated by using pure water and carbon dioxide which is found naturally in coffee berries. Using only these two ingredients, 99.99% of the caffeine is extracted from the coffee. This process preserves the high-quality flavour of the coffee, creating the perfect drink for those who love that coffee taste without the caffeine effects.


Mount Hagen Instant Coffee
100% Organic Fairtrade Arabica Coffee

Mount Hagen Instant Decaf
100% Organic Fairtrade Arabica Coffee Decaffeinated

Why is Mount Hagen instant coffee freeze-dried?

Mount Hagen’s instant coffee is freeze-dried with the purpose of preserving its rich flavour. The freeze-drying is done by removing any water as a way of increasing its shelf life. This means fresher coffee for longer. The freeze-drying makes it the highest quality of instant coffee.