Natur All - Barista Soya, 1L

Natur All - Barista Soya, 1L
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Natur All - Barista Soya, 1L

Brand - Natur All
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Quick Description

The taste is as nature intended, but the use is as baristas intended! What are we talking about? None other than Natur All’s Barista Soya drink, of course!

Key Information

  • Soya drink made for baristas
  • Foamable and perfect for coffee
  • Simple ingredients, great taste
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Comes in a recyclable carton

Product Overview

If you want dairy-free coffee with a light foam, then you better get your hands on Natur All’s Barista Soya drink! It’s a plant-based milk that baristas can rely on and coffee snubs won’t hate (spoiler alert: they’ll love it!)

Yes, that’s right! Natur All’s Barista Soya will froth up nicely and give your coffee a fantastic foam. It does so without any unnecessary ingredients. In fact, this Barista Soya Drink contains just 3 simple ingredients - water, soybeans and salt!

It has a great soy taste. If you love soy milk, then this is the one to get to pair with your coffee blends!


Water, dehulled soybeans (14%), salt.
Allergens: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Natur All Barista Soya drink curdle when I heat it up?

No, it will not! This is intended for coffee so it won’t curdle when you introduce heat or acidity to it.

Does Natur All’s Barista Soya have any sugar in it?

If it tastes sweet to you, then that’s all-natural sweetness! That’s because there are no sugars added here.