Natur All - Just Oat, 1L

Natur All - Just Oat, 1L
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Natur All - Just Oat, 1L

Brand - Natur All
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Quick Description

What makes Natur All’s Just Oat milk so good? Just oats. Just like the name, this drink is simple and straightforward - it’s a naturally tasty oat drink!

Key Information

  • Simply delicious oat drink
  • Made with just oats and water
  • Add to hot beverages or cereal
  • 100% clean label
  • No added sugars

Product Overview

When you take a sip of Natur All’s Just Oat drink, you’ll taste just oats! There are no added sugars, artificial flavours, or preservatives. What you are tasting is an all-natural beverage!

Natur All believes that percentages matter. If you want an Oat Drink with a high percentage of oats, then this one is for you. Natur All’s Just Oat is made with water and oats - that’s it!

Stir it into your tea, coffee, smoothies, or pour it over your cereal. The choice is all yours.

Top tip! Keep your opened Natur All Just Oat cartons in the refrigerator. If unopened, keep them in a cool and dry place. Do not leave them in direct sunlight.


Water, Oatmeal (13%)
Allergens: Oats

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Natur All Just Oat drink separate?

It will, and that’s all-natural! All you have to do is shake the carton well before you pour.

How long will Natur All’s Just Oat milk last?

Check the label for the expiration date. Your Just Oat milk will last about three days when kept in the refrigerator. This is because it contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients.