Portfolio - Fazenda Cachoeira Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, 340g

Portfolio - Fazenda Cachoeira Single Origin Brazilian Coffee, 340g

Brand - Portfolio
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Quick Description

Indulge your tastebuds with the rich, deep notes of citrusy chocolate and caramel goodness from Portfolio’s Fazenda Cachoeira Single Origin Brazilian Coffee

Key Information

  • Medium Roasted Whole Coffee Beans
  • Delicious Notes Of Citrus, Chocolate And Caramel
  • Dense Bodied
  • Medium To Low Acidity
  • Made From Single Origin Brazilian Green Coffee Beans
  • Sourced From The Cachoeira Farm

Product Overview

Elevate your senses with Portfolio’s Fazenda Cachoeira Single Origin Brazilian Coffee. Made from 100% pure coffee beans grown in the Cerrado Mineiro region, this full-bodied and velvety blend is of the highest quality to produce that perfect morning brew.

With each sip, tantalize your tastebuds with the deep notes of chocolate, caramel and the fresh tang of citrus. This dense-bodied medium to low acidic blend is perfect for all coffee lovers that love the rich and deep taste of coffee.

Unsure of how long your coffee might be sitting on the shelves? With Portfolio, you get nothing but fresh. All the coffee beans are sent from the farms and to its processing unit in Toronto. There, they’re roasted to perfection and delivered to your doorstep fast!


100% Fazenda Cachoeira Single Origin 100% Arabica Brazilian Coffee Beans

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Story Behind Portfolio Coffee?

Portfolio is driven to help people (re)discover coffee by offering only the freshest, direct-trade coffee and roasted in Toronto, Canada. Portfolio directly sources specialty coffee from renowned farms all over the world, where it can control the quality, origin and consistency of the coffee, all the whilst empowering coffee farmers and cooperatives.

Through direct trade, Portfolio slashes its price tag to ensure the luxurious taste of fresh, great quality coffee can be enjoyed by everyone and not only the select few!