Portfolio - Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee, 340g

Portfolio - Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee, 340g

Brand - Portfolio
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Quick Description

Reduce your caffeine intake but still enjoy the delicious taste of coffee with Portfolio’s Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee. Made naturally, 100% chemical-free.

Key Information

  • Strong And Full-Bodied 
  • Notes Of Chocolate, Sweet Cream And Pecan 
  • Swiss Water Decaffeination Process
  • Chemical-Free And Environmentally Friendly
  • Removes 99.9% Caffeine

Product Overview

Trying to cut back your caffeine intake? Swap out that extra cup of coffee with Portfolio’s Swiss Water Decaf Colombian Coffee. Made from a special blend of Colombian coffee beans, this decaf coffee is 100% natural and free from chemicals.

Decaf coffee is often treated with a tonne of harsh chemicals and solvents, whereby green coffee beans are stripped from their caffeine molecules using chemical washes. Appealing, right?

The Swiss Water Process soaks the green coffee beans in pure water, 100% chemical-free. This allows the caffeine to naturally diffuse out of the caffeine, leaving behind the whole coffee bean with all its antioxidants intact. 

This Colombian decaf coffee has delicious notes of chocolate, sweet cream and pecan. Enjoy simply on its own or topped with your favourite milk, this coffee is strong and full-bodied, perfect for those that love their coffee bold. 


Colombian Caturra, Typica and Bourbon Coffee Beans

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Portfolio’s Coffee Freshly Roasted?

Portfolio believes that coffee should be enjoyed no other way but fresh. That’s why they send all of their coffee beans straight from their farms to their roasting facilities in Toronto. In fact, their coffees are roasted no more than 5 business days before shipping to your door!