Scratch Fine Foods - Fermented Maple Mustard, 255ml


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Scratch Fine Foods - Fermented Maple Mustard, 255ml
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Scratch Fine Foods - Fermented Maple Mustard, 255ml

Brand - Scratch Fine Foods
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Quick Description

Scratch Fine Foods Fermented Maple Mustard. What’s that? Try and find out! Made only from the finest ingredients, this mustard is full-bodied and hot with a sweet tang.

Key Information

  • Delicious fermented maple mustard that packs a tangy punch
  • Packed with vitamin C
  • Full of Vegan and Gluten-free goodness
  • Celiac friendly and Nut-free
  • Based in Vancouver

Product Overview

Fermented Maple Mustard? Did you read that right? Why yes, you did. Combining only the best ingredients, Scratch Fine Foods Fermented Maple Mustard is made up of 7 fabulous ingredients. Full-bodied and hot, this mustard is for those who love a more cutting and spicy, slightly sweet tang.

To start off the show, Scratch Fine Foods Fermented Maple Mustard uses sauerkraut brine to start the fermentation process. Tangy and slightly acidic, brown and yellow mustard seeds add that hot mustardy spice, complemented by the sweet, delicious maple syrup. A perfect, all-around delicious tasting mustard.

The sauerkraut brine in Scratch Fine Foods Fermented Maple Mustard is an antioxidant haven. This nutrient-packed liquid contains a whole load of vitamin C, which is great for warding off free radicals in your body. In the brine, you’ll also find potassium and iron which play an important role in your bodily functions.

Enjoy Scratch Fine Foods Fermented Maple Mustard as you would any other mustard! Great for adding to sandwiches, vegan cheese boards or splashed into sauces, your imagination can run wild with this one. Add it to mashed potato or keep it as a side for your vegan poutine. 


Brown & Yellow Mustard Seeds, Yellow Mustard Powder, White Vinegar, Maple Syrup, Turmeric, Sea Salt, Trace Garlic

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Scratch Fine Foods?

Scratch Find Foods began through two passionate foodies, Dominique and Joseph. Humbled by the pure process of fermentation, they led a quest to inspire and re-educate people on the taste of fermented foods. 

All ferments are 100% natural and sourced only from the finest local ingredients. When you’re buying from Scratch Find Foods, you are guaranteed you’ll be supporting local suppliers too!