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Brand - Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation - Organic Cotton Tampons with Comfort Applicator, Regular, 18ct

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Quick Description

Introducing Seventh Generation’s Organic Cotton Tampons with Comfort Applicator. Leak-free, uber-comfortable, plant-based protection - what's not to love?

Key Information

  • Made with 100% certified organic cotton 
  • Tampon includes a comfortable plant-based plastic applicator 
  • Leak-free protection
  • 0% deodorants, fragrances or chlorine - no unnecessary chemicals for sensitive skin
  • Gynaecologist tested

Product Overview

Seventh Generation specialises in creating safe and effective plant-based products. Through their love, care, and 25+ years experience, they do this really well. These Organic Cotton Tampons with a Comfort Applicator are no exception.

Made with organic materials, 100% organic cotton, and no added fragrances or deodorants, this handy pack of tampons provides leak-free protection without exposing sensitive skin to any unnecessary ingredients.

Paired with an easy-to-use comfort applicator made from 95% plant-based materials, these tampons are designed for you to experience the utmost comfort. Every. Time. 

Your period does not need to stop you, and Seventh Generation is here to make sure this is a reality. Prepare yourself for anything that comes your way. - the organic, plant-based way! 

Contents: Certified organic cotton (absorbent material, cover, string), water repellent wax (string), cotton (sewing thread), plant-based LDPE plastic (comfortable plastic applicator).

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Seventh Generation support safe and affordable period care for all?

Safe, accessible, and affordable period care should be guaranteed for all. Seventh Generation knows this. That’s why Seventh Generation is committed to supporting those tackling menstrual inequity.

By donating to nonprofits fighting for real change to make menstrual equity a reality, Seventh Generation products are period care with a mission.

Client Reviews

Seventh Generation - Organic Cotton Tampons with Comfort Applicator, Regular, 18ct
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