Simply Organic - Cinnamon, 69g

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Simply Organic - Cinnamon, 69g

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Simply Organic Cinnamon is made from nothing but pure, high-quality premium cinnamon sticks. Vibrant, sweet and warming as ever.

Key Information

  • Easy to use screw top lid
  • Convenient clear packaging
  • Entirely recyclable
  • Organic

Product Overview

Simply Organic brings you the perfect spice to adorn your morning porridge, banana smoothie or protein shake. Alternatively, why don’t you try a teaspoon of cinnamon in Middle Eastern stews or rice? The possibilities are endless...

Ever wondered where cinnamon comes from? Well, it really does grow on trees! Or them! Cinnamon comes from the inner part of the bark of the cinnamon tree. It’s extracted from the inside of the stem, underneath the wooden exterior. It’s then cut into strips and dried. It’s the drying process that turns it into the hard, curled stick we see in stores.

Simply Organic is committed to providing nothing less than the highest quality products. Did you know that most herbs and spices are infused with additives and preservatives? Most manufacturing processes go through irradiation. This is a type of radiation that functions to reduce bacteria in food items, meaning stock can be piled high in warehouses for months on end before hitting the shelves.

We know that herbs and spices lose potency over time, so you won’t find a spice more aromatic and flavourful than one cultivated by Simply Organic. From farm to table!


100% pure organic Vietnamese cinnamon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cinnamon healthy?

Cinnamon isn’t just delicious, it's extremely healthy too. Cinnamon has been used in east Asian herbal medicine for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It has been known to lower blood sugar levels, promote healthy heart function, and improve metabolic health.

It’s believed that the compound cinnamaldehyde is responsible for this plethora of health benefits. What’s more, it’s loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties too!