Simply Organic - Crushed Red Pepper, 45g

Simply Organic - Crushed Red Pepper, 45g

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Add a little heat to the kitchen with Simply Organic’s Crushed Red Pepper. Pure red pepper flakes that don’t compromise on taste.

Key Information

  • Convenient clear jar
  • Easy to use screw-top lid
  • Fully recyclable packaging
  • Organic

Product Overview

When salt and pepper just don’t quite cut it, Crushed Red Pepper has your back! Here to elevate your cooking to the next level, Simply Organic brings you 100% organic, preservative and additive-free Crushed Red Pepper!

No GMOs, no ETO, and never irradiated, Simply Organic is committed to using only the most sustainable and ethical farming methods to bring you herbs and spices that are absolutely jam-packed in flavour.

Preservative-free, you can rest assured that these products aren’t sitting in a warehouse for months on end, losing flavour. They’re as fresh as can be, so don’t wait!
Why not add a generous sprinkle of crushed red pepper to your grilled aubergine, homemade hummus or vegan chilli? Use the stuff in a slow-cooked dish for a slow-releasing flavour that only enhances over time.

Each purchase made to Simply Organic helps them achieve their goal of lessening food insecurity through their Simply Organic Giving Fund because everyone should have access to good quality, organic produce.


100% Red Pepper (Capsicum Annuum.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are red pepper flakes the same as chilli flakes?

Beware, red pepper flakes and chilli flakes aren’t the same thing! Red pepper flakes are usually crushed Capsicum Annuum. Capsicum Annuum is usually mild in heat, with an earthy, tomato-like flavour. Crushed Red Pepper flakes can sometimes have a mix of different Capsicum Annuum varieties too, so always be sure to read the ingredients if you’re interested! Chilli pepper is usually much hotter on the Scoville rating system. It brings more prickly, salivating heat to the table.