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Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Blueberries, 300g

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Quick Description

Stahlbush Island Farms brings you their fresh blueberries, flash-frozen straight from the field. Give a flavourful twist to your classic dessert recipes. 

Key description 

  • Harvested sustainably
  • Free from all 8 common allergens
  • Flash-frozen straight from the field
  • Rich in antioxidants, health, and taste
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Dairy and gluten-free

Product overview

Blueberries at Stahlbush Island Farms are grown with love and care in an environmentally friendly manner. These are flash-frozen directly after harvesting which preserves all their nutritional content. Stahlbush ensures their blueberries are plump and deliciously sweet and tangy.

They are non-GMO projects verified and grown completely naturally. They are dairy and gluten-free. In addition, they are also free from the 8 common allergens recognized by the FDA which makes for a worry-free healthy treat - straight from the field!

They can be used in countless ways. You can add it to your cereals, granola or yogurt bowl or just blend them into a delicious smoothie. Additionally, you can use them to give a twist to your classic recipe of banana bread. They can enhance the taste of any of your desserts healthily, be it pies, muffins or scones. 

Store in the freezer and remove just before use.



How does Stahlbush Island Farms promote sustainable growth? 

When it comes to Stahlbush island farms, farming is not just about the final crop. Their motto is to sustain resources, farmers, as well as the community. Their environmentally-friendly measures ensure that farming keeps their soil, water, and air pollution-free.

Their area of concern is not just the crop, but the entire farm. Hence, they ensure that their methods are not just profitable but also good for the environment. You can indulge in their products guilt-free.

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Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Blueberries, 300g
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