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Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Cut Spinach, 300g

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Quick Description

Eating your greens is made simple with Stahlbush Island Farms’ Frozen Cut Spinach! These super fresh spinach leaves will end up in all your meals.

Key Information

  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Kosher friendly
  • Farmed sustainably!
  • Big 8 allergen-free

Product Overview

Eating healthily isn’t always easy, and we also know that buying fresh fruit and veg all the time can be expensive. Here at PlantX, we believe that eating healthily should be for everyone, and nutritious fruit and veg should be affordable. That’s why we are big supporters of buying frozen! It’s just as healthy as buying fresh, and with high-quality products like Stahlbush Island Farms’ Frozen Cut Spinach, you would be silly not to! 

This bag of frozen spinach is absolutely bursting with flavour. From the bright green colour to the natural fresh taste, you can tell that this sustainably farmed spinach has been grown with love and care. With a subtle, naturally sweet taste - these dark leafy greens make getting your five a day a piece of cake. This non-GMO spinach is full of great nutrients and antioxidants, meaning you’re eating high-quality products that are good for your body. You’ll be adding this spinach to all your favourite vegan meals in no time.

Here at PlantX, we love how Stahlbush Island Farms’ products are grown sustainably, using farming practices that help to protect our planet. The family-owned farm is winning at creating fresh, nutritious products while also doing its part to protect the environment.


100% Spinach

What’s the best way to prepare and eat Stahlbush Island Farms’ Frozen Cut Spinach?

Preparing Stahlbush Island Farms’ Frozen Cut Spinach couldn’t be easier. Place your frozen spinach in a pan with a bit of water and steam - then drain and season! Use this versatile, vibrant green spinach in stir fry, pasta dishes, wraps, or even to make a dip!

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Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Cut Spinach, 300g
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