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Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Red Raspberries, 284g

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Quick Description

Let the frozen fruity fun begin with Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Red Raspberries. Picked at perfection, get ready for a burst of berry flavour!

Key Information

  • Nothing but 100% fruity goodness from mother nature!
  • Picked at perfection, frozen for convenience 
  • Farmed with sustainable, earth-friendly agriculture 
  • Family-run business
  • GMO-free

Product Overview

Picked at perfection and then frozen for your convenience. Stahlbush’s Frozen Red Raspberries are bursting with just as much flavour as when they are at their ripest. 

Straight from the art of perfect soil, these delicious berries are ready for you to unfreeze, mix and devour, right from the packet! Not to mention the countless other ways to enjoy some scrumptious red raspberries… We’re sure you’re already thinking of a few!

At Stahlbush Farm, farming is an art and a science. Years of dedication, innovation, and love passed down the family ensures only the perfect varieties of bright, sweet, and flavourful berries are picked. Why? Because nutritious and delicious food is what makes life beautiful, and Stahlbush is more than honoured to share!


100% Frozen Red Raspberries

How can I enjoy my Stahlbush Island Farms’ Frozen Red Raspberries?

The options for this pack of fruity raspberries are endless. Sprinkle over vegan yogurt, whip up in your morning smoothie, pair with dark chocolate and drizzle over vegan packages, or simply snack out the bag. Let your imagination run wild and the fruity fun begin!

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Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Red Raspberries, 284g
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