Truffula - Truffula Cheese Various Flavours, 115g


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Truffula Cheese - White Truffle Wheel, 115g
Truffula - Dreamy Dill Wheel-Nutrition, 115g
Truffula Cheese - Cracked Peppercorn Wheel, 115g
Truffula - Cracked Peppercorn Wheel-Nutrition, 115g
Truffula Cheese - Smoked Pimenton Wheel, 115g
Truffula - Smoked Pimenton Wheel-Nutrition, 115g
Truffula Cheese - Dreamy Dill Wheel, 115g
Truffula - Dreamy Dill Wheel-Nutrition, 115g
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Truffula - Truffula Cheese Various Flavours, 115g

Brand - Truffula
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Quick Description

Indulge in these luxury Cheese Wheels from Truffula. Using organic cashews, these 4 exquisitely flavoured cheeses will be the stars of your next charcuterie board.

Key Information

  • Dairy-Free Cheeses
  • Grain-Free
  • Made with 100% Organic and Ethically Sourced Cashews
  • Great natural source of protein and probiotics
  • Contains zero starches, gums or fillers
  • Great fillings for bagels, sandwiches and salads

Product Overview

For the best part of a decade, experts and food scientists at Truffula Cheese have been working tirelessly to establish a range of nutritious nut cheeses that do not compromise on texture or flavour.

Creamy and indulgent, these cheeses were designed to be enjoyed and savoured. Using 100% organic and ethically-sourced cashews, these vegan cheeses are packed full of natural proteins and probiotics that can be easily digested and are guaranteed to leave you feeling your very best.

The perfect density of this delicious range of luxury cashew cheeses makes them great alternatives to your standard (and sometimes boring) cheese.

Sliceable and spreadable, these delightful wheels from Truffula Cheese make an irresistible filling in bagels and sandwiches and can be just as easily thrown into a salad, used in a charcuterie board, pasta, pizza… the possibilities are endless.

Guaranteed to give your plant-based cooking that little extra something!

White Truffle Wheel

Naturally sophisticated and elegant, this White Truffle Wheel from Truffula Cheese is a mouthful of delicious cheese with a subtle truffle flavour. Alongside the pure white truffle oil, this cashew cheese contains hints of earthy garlic which compliments the creaminess of the cheese without overwhelming it.

This White Truffle Wheel would make an excellent addition to a vegan cheese or charcuterie board. Why not try pairing it with organic red wine and a fig conserve? Utterly divine!

Cracked Peppercorn Wheel

Carefully infused and topped with natural and organic peppercorn, this Cracked Peppercorn cashew cheese wheel is a unique twist on the classic flavour that we all know and love. Subtle aromas of garlic and onion make this a distinctly savoury nut cheese that would be best enjoyed alongside a hearty sourdough or with an organic ale.

Crunchy but creamy, spicy but mild - this is a hugely versatile cheese that is guaranteed to excite all of your dinner guests!

Smoked Pimentòn Wheel

This Smoked Pimentòn Wheel from Truffula combines all of your favourite flavours from around the globe resulting in a delightfully rich cheese. Black nigella seeds from Egypt, more commonly known as cumin, have been carefully combined with Herbology’s very own pimentón paprika to give you an irresistibly spicy yet sweet cashew cheese.

We love incorporating this cheese into a vegan risotto - a sure-fire way to spice up the overdone vegan dish!

Dreamy Dill Wheel

Full of fresh and summery dill flavour, this delightful cashew cheese wheel will be sure to impress all of your dinner party guests. The perfect addition to a picnic spread, this light and subtle cheese is best enjoyed much like a goat’s cheese - spread over a crusty and grainy loaf and topped with an organic fruit confit!

Why not go the extra mile and top with some fresh dill to add that extra bit of flavour?


White Truffle Wheel
Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Nutritional yeast, White truffle oil (olive oil, white truffle), Himalayan pink salt, Organic white peppercorns, Bacterial cultures.

Cracked Peppercorn Wheel
Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Nutritional yeast, Organic black peppercorns, Himalayan pink salt, Organic garlic and onion granules, Bacterial cultures.

Smoked Pimenton Wheel
Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Himalayan pink salt, Organic black nigella seeds, Smoked pimentòn paprika, Organic onion and garlic granules, Bacterial cultures.

Dreamy Dill Wheel
Organic raw cashews, Spring water, Organic dill, Nutritional yeast, Organic garlic granules, Himalayan pink salt, Organic white peppercorns, Bacterial cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the health benefits of cashews?

Rich in healthy fats, cashews are a thing that every vegan needs in their diet. It has also been shown that cashews can support heart health, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Cashew cheeses, like those from

Truffula Cheese, are a great way for us vegans to fit more cashews into our everyday diets.