Two Bears - Hazelnut Sea Salt Flash Brew Coffee, 250ml

Two Bears - Hazelnut Sea Salt Flash Brew Coffee, 250ml - front
Two Bears - Hazelnut Sea Salt Flash Brew Coffee, 250ml - nutrition facts
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Two Bears - Hazelnut Sea Salt Flash Brew Coffee, 250ml

Brand - Two Bears
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Quick Description

Enjoy a delicious coffee… on the go! Two Bears mixes only the finest ethically sourced ingredients to create a drink that perfectly balances rich coffee and sweet hazelnut. 

Key Information

  • Creamy and frothy
  • Flash brewed then chilled to trap out any bitterness
  • Shelf-stable, so you can enjoy delicious tasting coffee anytime or any place
  • Two Bears trade directly with the farmers of their coffee beans to ensure they get a fair price
  • Only the highest quality ingredients selected - you can trace them back to their origins! 

Product Overview

Enjoy a rich and nutty coffee on the go! Two Bears has used their classic blend packed full of the finest coffee beans and added a warming touch of hazelnut to create a real treat. Finally, a pinch of sea salt is added to perfectly balance the other flavours. 

Two Bears brews its coffee with hot water to ensure the rich flavour of the coffee beans is extracted fully before flash-chilling it to lock out any bitter notes. This ensures their blend is the perfect base. The added nitrogen produces a creamy and frothy top to their coffee, you won’t believe that it is shelf-stable and not straight out of a coffee machine. 

You can sip your coffee knowing you have made an ethical choice as well as a delicious one. The experts at Two Bears have selected their coffee beans personally and they maintain an excellent relationship with the people who farm them. By doing business with the farmers and skipping out the middleman, they can ensure their farmers get a good price for their high-quality goods. 


Filtered water, Organic Coffee, Organic Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Natural Flavours

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A High Amount of Calories in Two Bears Hazelnut Sea Salt Flash Brew Coffee?

No! It is low in sugar and low in calories. Each 250ml serving contains only 50 calories.