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Vegan Junkstar - Bacon Slices, 5.2 oz

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Vegan Junkstar Bacon Slices brings you plant-based bacon that looks, cooks, and tastes like the real thing. These finger licking bacon slices will make you believe in love at first bite, and send your tastebuds into the future. Eating for the planet never tasted so good! Enjoy in the morning with avocado and toast or chopped on top of your favorite salads. Whether you're eating for health, for the planet, or for a change of pace, Vegan Junkstar Bacon Slices are a revolutionary plant-based alternative that you're going to want to keep stocked in your freezer.

Ingredients: Water 42.1%, non-GMO textured soy protein (non-GMO soy protein isolate, wheat starch, wheat protein) 32.1%, soybean oil 17.4%, modified starch, salt, yeast extract, sugar, hydrolyzed non-GMO soy protein, mirin, vegetable extract (pea, carrot), vegan flavourings, smoke flavouring, white pepper, colour (calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide)

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Vegan Junkstar - Bacon Slices, 5.2 oz
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