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Vegan Zeastar - Sashimi Zalmon, 8.11 oz

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Zeastar Zalmon Sashimi is an exciting new vegan alternative to salmon sashimi that features an authentic seafood flavor and texture perfect for sushi, hand rolls, and sashimi. ZeaStar Zalmon Sashimi is rich in omega-3s, just like real seafood, thanks to flaxseed and rapeseed. This vegan sashimi is designed to be eaten chilled or at room temperature, so keep it frozen until you're ready to enjoy a delicious vegan sushi roll.

Ingredients: Water 80%, trehalose* 5%, modified tapioca starch 2%, stabiliser (D-sorbitol) 2%, gelling agent (konjac powder, carrageenan, carob bean gum), salt, canola oil, flaxseed oil, acidity regulator (potassium chloride), colours (red iron oxide, paprika oleoresin, titanium dioxide)

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Vegan Zeastar - Sashimi Zalmon, 8.11 oz
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