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Vita Coco - Coconut Water, The Original, 330ml

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Quick Description

Get ready to go-go with Vita Coco! Their Original Coconut Water is a fresh and all-natural drink that rehydrates the body and replenishes lost electrolytes.

Key Information

  • Coconut water comes from fresh young coconuts
  • Made entirely of fresh coconuts and not from concentrates
  • Coconuts are picked, cracked, and packed at the source
  • Low in calories
  • Only contains simple ingredients you can pronounce

Product Overview

The Original Vita Coco Coconut Water is a bottle of tropical freshness. They bottle the water from fresh young coconuts at the source. The picking, cracking, and packing process is all done within 72 hours - Talk about fresh! Vita Coco claims that drinking a bottle of its coconut water is very much the same as poking a straw into a coconut.

Coconuts are known to offer natural hydration. They are also full of naturally-occurring electrolytes. Just these two properties make it a perfect drink for workouts. Even going a step further, The Original Vita Coco Coconut Water has more potassium than a banana. This helps keep the body hydrated. Since we’re talking about hydration, this drink is also a fantastic hangover tonic.

The Original Vita Coco Coconut Water is best served chilled. You can drink it straight or blend it in with smoothies. The bottle comes in a convenient size with a twist-open cap. Vita Coco literally took the hassle out of drinking fresh coconuts.


Coconut Water, Less than 1% Fruit Sugar, Vitamin C

Why does Vita Coco use young coconuts instead of mature ones?

Young coconuts are selected because they have mostly water content. As the coconuts mature, the water content lessens and, in turn, ends up having more meat in them. Choosing the perfect young coconuts is also key. Not too young, and not too old.

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Vita Coco - Coconut Water, The Original, 330ml
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