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Wild Tea Kombucha - Kombuchas

Assorted Flavours, 355ml

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Quick Description

Wild Tea’s Kombuchas are the perfect drinks for anyone who also wants to reap the benefits of fermented tea while indulging in flavorsome drinks!

Key Information

  • Certified Organic
  • Low in sugar
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • 5 calories and 1g of sugar per can!

Product Overview

Kombucha is a drink that is created by fermenting sweet tea with yeast and bacteria. It’s a naturally energizing drink for everyone! It’s great for anyone but it can be helpful for people who want to be a lot more health-conscious but still want sodas. It’s a very good substitute for sugary drinks.

Kombucha is definitely worth a try if you love sodas and teas. It’s an insanely good alternative to normal sodas which are packed with horrible ingredients that negatively affect your health over time.

Don’t waste time! Grab Wild Tea’s Kombucha today and you will not regret it! It’s a drink worth trying - it will blow your mind and your taste buds.

Wild Tea Kombucha Organic Root Beer with Ginger

Creamy and luscious, this root beer kombucha tea has a bold fizzy punch because of the ginger. It’s great for anyone who’s craving a rootbeer without having to worry about it affecting them negatively. The ginger also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects! 

Wild Tea Kombucha Cola with Elderberry

Tangy, crispy just like coke is, this tasty raw kombucha tea gives you a probiotic boost and loads of immune support! It’s a refreshing and delightful drink that is packed with health benefits.


Wild Tea Kombucha Organic Root Beer with Ginger
Raw Kombucha (brewed tea (filtered water, green tea, black tea), cane sugar, kombucha culture), natural flavour, ginger tea, stevia extract

Wild Tea Kombucha Cola with Elderberry 
Raw Kombucha (brewed tea (filtered water, green tea, black tea), cane sugar, kombucha culture), natural flavour, elderberry, stevia extract 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to refrigerate Kombucha? 

Yes! It’s best to refrigerate it as the yeast bacteria could start to re-ferment if left out on the counter, which isn’t bad but it will leave you with a messy foam spillage when you open up the can! 

How is Kombucha drunk?

There aren’t any special rules when it comes to drinking Kombucha. You can drink it out of the can or mix it with ice and soda water or even mix it into a smoothie or cocktail! It's a very flexible and unique drink that sets your taste buds off! 

Does Kombucha contain caffeine/alcohol? 

Wild Tea’s Kombucha has less than 1% of alcohol so it isn’t regarded as an alcoholic beverage. It’s certainly not enough alcohol to cause any change to you at all! There are only trace amounts of alcohol and this is due to the natural fermentation process the kombucha goes through. Kombucha typically loses 2/3rd of its caffeine during the fermentation as well!

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