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Wildbrine - Sriracha Sauces

Assorted Flavours

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Quick Description

Raw, wild fermented and packed with probiotic goodness, Wildbrine Sriracha Sauces add a burst of delicious, tangy spice to your favourite dishes.

Key Information

  • Live, raw, fermented Sriracha Sauces in Spicy Kimchi & Smoky Jalapeño varieties. 
  • Packed with all-natural probiotic goodness 
  • 35-60 billion CFUs per bottle
  • Free from Sugar, Gluten & Anything Artificial
  • Made with simple, natural, non-GMO ingredients 

Product Overview

The folks at Wildbrine are masters of wild fermentation. Wildbrine Sriracha Sauces are double fermented, made with a kimchi base with a few delicious twists like Fresno peppers, a whole lot of garlic and fresh tomatillos. The whole lot is wild fermented using a natural method, pureed and packaged in convenient squirt bottles. That’s it!

Unlike many sriracha sauces on the market which are packed with sodium, sugar and artificial preservatives, Wildbrine Sriracha Sauces are 100% sugar-free. They are made without anything artificial or processed, containing only simple, natural and non-GMO ingredients. These tasty sauces are also gluten-free and paleo-friendly. 

Wildbrine Sriracha Sauces are delicious with rice dishes, stir-fries, grilled veggies, BBQs, tofu or even slathered in your vegan grilled cheese. In fact, we’re confident that a spicy, tangy, delicious squeeze of these sauces wouldn’t go amiss on just about anything. The world is your oyster (mushroom)! 

Wild fermentation = live cultures, AKA plenty of probiotic goodness! Each bottle of Wildbrine Sriracha Sauce contains 35-60 billion gut-boosting CFUs. Choose your favourite flavour and spice up your life! 

Spicy Kimchi Sriracha Sauce

Raw, wild fermented and all-natural, Spicy Kimchi Sriracha Sauce is fiery, tangy, salty and umami, with the perfect level of taste bud-tingling kick! If you’re a big kimchi fan, this sauce is a must! 

Smoky Jalapeño Sriracha Sauce

Go green with Smoky Jalapeno Sriracha Sauce, made with a fabulously fresh blend of jalapeños, kale, smoked salt and tomatillos. This smoky, spicy and zesty sauce is the perfect addition to all your plant-based Mexican-inspired favourites. 


Spicy Kimchi Sriracha Sauce
Napa Cabbage, Fresno Pepper, Water, Garlic, Green Onion, Sea Salt, Sea Vegetable (wakame), Korean Red Pepper, Ginger.

Smoky Jalapeño Sriracha Sauce
Cabbage, Jalapeño Peppers, Water, Garlic, Anaheim Peppers, Tomatillos, Kale, Sea Salt, Cherry Wood Smoked Salt, Chipotle Pepper.

What does it mean that Wildbrine Sriracha Sauces are wild-fermented? 

Wild fermentation is the process of letting fermentation happen naturally, and giving it the time and space it needs for the development of all those amazing live cultures.

Wildbrine adds sea salt to the base ingredients of its Sriracha Sauces and provides the perfect environment for the naturally occurring probiotic microorganisms. The lactic acid created through the process acts as a natural preservative for the vegetables, creating deep, bright flavours, and producing a delicious sauce alive with gut-boosting probiotics.

Wild fermentation is so great because it means the Sriracha Sauces are raw, living, and contain a diverse range of acid-buffered probiotics that will supply your body with all their beneficial bioavailable nutrients. Wildbrine does not add vinegar, sugar or any kind of created lab culture to its Sriracha Sauces, meaning they are delicious, healthy and 100% natural. 

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