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Yais Thai - Green Coconut Curry, 16 Oz

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Yai's Thai Green Coconut Curry is the perfect ingredient for a quick weeknight Thai dinner. Homemade green curry paste, rich coconut milk, and herbacous fresh basil make this a delicious sauce to serve with any of your favorite veggies or protein. Just simmer your ingredients in the curry and serve over steamed rice or noodles and enjoy!


Coconut Milk (Coconut Extract 60%, Water) Green Bell Pepper Shallots 100% Lime Juice Garlic Basil Sunflower Oil Lemongrass Jalapeno Peppers Ground Chia Seeds Galangal Root Sea Salt Kaffir Lime Leaves Coriander.

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Yais Thai - Green Coconut Curry, 16 Oz
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