Yogi Tea - Restful Sleep, 16 bags

Yogi Tea - Restful Sleep, 16 bags

Brand - Horizon
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Quick Description

Yogi Tea provides the best stress-relieving detox teas for better sleep. They are manufactured with botanical and herbal ingredients based on Ayurveda.

Key Information

  • 140+ exotic spices and botanicals.
  • Aromatic, calming and packed full of holistic wellness
  • Manufactured through body balancing Ayurveda principles
  • Non-GMO, USDA certified products
  • GAP/ Food Safety Audits certified

Product Overview

Yogi sleep-supporting teas are a nourishing blend of herbal and botanical extracts to relax the mind and body for a restful sleep. You can effectively consume them before bedtime to detox and soothe your body. The holistic healing supplements are USDA certified and contain no caffeine, which fast induces a good night’s sleep. 

The sleep-supporting teas are available in two variations as Bedtime tea and Soothing Caramel tea. Both the packages are packed with 16 ready-to-use tea bags. You can simply brew the concoction in no time and enjoy the best results instantly. 

For the best brew, it is recommended to use one bag in 240ml water. You have to steep the tea in boiling water for around 7 minutes, and then add the bag to disperse. If you have a strong tolerance range, you can also try using two bags instead of one. Being completely caffeine-free and organically produced, you can use them regularly without fearing any adverse effects.

The products have no side effects and nausea effects on the body, so they suit everyone. Yet, pregnant and nursing women require medical opinions to use them regularly. Also, check with the physician if you are under other medication or have allergies to the ingredients. 


Licorice roots, chamomile flower, spearmint leaves, skullcap leaves, cinnamon bark, cardamom pods, rosehip extracts, lavender flower, and stevia leaf, ginger roots, cloves, L-Theanine from green tea, California poppy, black pepper, passion fruit flowers, valerian roots, lavender flowers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can this tea make you sleepy?

Bedtime tea targets getting rid of insomnia and stress which are the prime reasons for a poor sleeping schedule. The powerful ingredients like licorice roots and chamomile are capable of relaxing and soothing your body.

Consuming this tea at night after your meal can improve your digestion, relax your mind and help you unwind from the stress. Along with a promised support for a long and relaxing sleep, it can be a good companion to detox your body.