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Zimt - Chocolate Bars, 1.41oz.

Zimt - Chocolate Bars, 1.41oz.

Brand - Zimt
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Quick Description

Zimt chocolate bars are a heavenly choice for raw foodies and non-raw foodies alike! Seriously good ingredients mean that these bars are delicious and nutritious.

Key Information

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Compostable Packaging
  • Ethically Grown
  • Locally Made

Product Overview:

Zimt is absolutely wholeheartedly committed to keeping the working conditions of their farmers and harvesters dignified and safe. The Zimt team knows that modern slavery is widely used in the cocoa industry and has standards of fair practice to ensure that harvesters get fair wages. All Zimt bars are rich and deep 80% dark chocolate, made from pure, raw, unprocessed cocoa nibs. This ensures that the product is choco-full of antioxidants, even more than blueberries and acai! It’s also nutrient-rich. Alongside leafy greens and nuts and grains, the raw cocoa in Zimt bars helps them burst with magnesium which has a whole host of health benefits, namely a healthy immune system, strong bones, and good muscle and nerve function. As Zimt bars are dairy-free, the serotonin impact from raw cocoa is uncompromised by milk content which reduces the ability to absorb the hormone.

Maple Smoked Salt + Rosemary Bar

A complex and sophisticated twist on the classic salted chocolate, this bar is infused with rosemary leaf and smoked maple salt for a full flavor profile that will take you on a total ride.

Sweet Orange Nib’d Bar

Sweetened with coconut sugar, this cane sugar-free 80% chocolate is infused with subtle hints of orange, giving this rich bar a zesty twist.

The Milkless Way Bar

This creamy bar is melt-in-the-mouth delicious. It’s good quality chocolate, plain and simple. Stripped back chocolate with a smooth silky mouthfeel.

The White Stuff Bar

This vegan white chocolate bar uses maple syrup and coconut sugar to compliment unrefined vanilla pods for a sweet creamy finish. Yum!


Maple Smoked Salt + Rosemary Bar: Cacao nibs*+, coconut sugar+, cocoa butter+, rosemary*, maple smoked salts. *raw, organic, vegan, fairly traded +organic, vegan, fairly traded Zimt’s salt is custom smoked by Saltwest Naturals in Otter Point, British Columbia.

Sweet Orange Nib’d Bar: Cacao nibs*+, coconut sugar+, cocoa butter+, sweet orange essential oil*. *raw, organic, vegan, fairly traded +organic, vegan, fairly traded

The Milkless Way Bar: Cocoa butter+, coconut sugar+, cacao nibs*+, coconut flakes*, maple sugar+, sea salt. *raw, organic, vegan, fairly traded +organic, vegan, fairly traded

The White Stuff Bar: Cocoa butter+, coconut sugar+, coconut flakes*, maple sugar+, vanilla bean*. *raw, organic, vegan, fairly traded +organic, vegan, fairly traded

Frequently Asked Questions

How is raw chocolate different from regular chocolate?

Raw chocolate and normal chocolate are processed at different temperatures. The cocoa beans in raw chocolate aren’t roasted and stay at temperatures under 49 °C. This temperature is widely understood to be the threshold beyond which digestive aiding enzymes in food dissipate and nutrients break down. Some people on low caffeine diets have claimed that raw dark chocolate impairs their ability to sleep, so avoid eating late at night if you’re sensitive to stimulants.

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