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  • Season 2 – Episode 15

    Sean speaks with CEO and Co-Founder of Dream Pops, David Greenfeld about Dream Pops, how it began, the challenges that were overcome, the plant-based industry, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 14

    Sean speaks with President of Joyva, Richard Radutzky about how the company was founded, what it’s like being in a highly-specialized business, the plant-based industry in general, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 13

    Sean speaks with Carli Blum & Chelsea Fisher of Sunscoop about her journey into the vegan ice cream business, scaling a specialized company, the plant-based industry, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 12

    Sean speaks with Olympic skier, certified holistic nutritionist, and vegan chef, Julia Murray about her career as an olympian, her plant-based experience as a nutritionist and chef, the plant-based communities in Squamish and Whistler, BC, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 11

    Sean speaks with the current starting QB for the Chicago Bears, Justin Fields about Justin’s journey into plant-based eating, how his diet affects his performance, the plant-based industry in general, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 10

    Sean speaks with CEO and Founder of Plant&Co, Shawn Moniz, and Chairman of the Board, Alex Rechichi, about how Plant&Co got started, what they have learned in the plant-based industry, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 9

    In this episode, Sean speaks with the newly appointed executive chairman of the board of directors at PlantX, Fred Leigh, about Fred’s experience in the capital markets, the potential that Fred sees in PlantX moving forward, what it takes to properly scale a business up in size, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 8

    Sean speaks with Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, and current pastry chef at Pizzana in Hollywood about the plant-based movement, whether it’s actually difficult to make plant-based pastries, and trends for the future.

  • Season 2 – Episode 7

    Sean speaks with Devon Lévesque, co-founder of Promix nutrition about vegan protein powder and supplements, how he succeeded in bear crawling a marathon and what he did to prepare for it, and the advice he has for others looking to accomplish great things!

  • Season 2 – Episode 6

    Sean speaks with Actor and co-founder of Little West, Andrew Walker about juice in Hollywood, how the company began, why there’s synergy between Little West and PlantX, and so much more!

  • Season 2 – Episode 5

    Sean speaks with Tennis World Champion and PlantX ambassador, Venus Williams all about the benefits of a plant-based diet and how it’s helped her improve her health and her sport.

  • Season 2 – Episode 4

    Sean speaks with David Schneiderman, Co-Founder of Two Bears, all about his journey into the business of selling oat milk lattés, coffee, and oat milk.

  • Season 2 – Episode 3

    Sean speaks with Kellie Davenport of Serendipity Wines, all about vegan wine - what makes wine vegan, how it’s produced, and whether the flavour is any different, amongst other things.

  • Season 2 – Episode 2

    Sean speaks with big mountain skier and PlantX ambassador, Nick McNutt, about his experience surviving an avalanche, how plant-based eating has helped his performance, and about what got him into extreme sports.

  • Season 2 – Episode 1

    Sean talks with professional mountain biker, Rémy Métailler, about what drove him to switch to a plant-based diet, how it has affected his focus when performing, what it means to be a PlantX ambassador, and more.

  • Episode 30

    Sean talks marketing strategy with marketing titan, Melissa Cameron about trends, advantages and drawbacks in the plant-based industry.

  • Episode 29

    Sean talks with the CEO of Purely Canada Foods, Tyler West about how Purely Canada Foods started, what they do, and growth in the meat alternative market.

  • Episode 28

    Sean talks with PlantX Director of Greenhouse Operations, Kay Stratichuk about how she selects plants for, and the care that goes into packing and shipping each plant.

  • Episode 27

    Sean Dollinger and Charlotte McKinney discuss her plant-based lifestyle and her involvement with PlantX.

  • Episode 26

    Why content is king with Head of Copywriting and Content at PlantX, and the host of Taste This!, Adam Kruger.

  • Episode 25

    Sean talks with the co-founder and owner of Little West, Cassandra Troy about sustainability, community, the importance of high-quality products, and how the new partnership benefits both companies moving forward.

  • Episode 24

    Sean talks with celebrity chef and new PlantX Chief Culinary Officer, Matthew Kenney.

  • Episode 23

    Sean talks about recent record breaking sales numbers and the growth of the plant-based industry with PlantX CFO, Lorne Rapkin.

  • Episode 22

    Sean talks about shipping PlantX products between the US and Canada with FedEx Worldwide account manager, Mark Gause.

  • Episode 21

    Meet the founder of Colder Fresher Longer, and learn more about sustainable packaging and its impact on the environment.

  • Episode 20

    Sean Dollinger discusses the new PlantX RESET Program with creator and celebrity chef, Anne Thornton

  • Episode 19

    Sean talks with Diego about the collaboration between PlantX and Farm Cup Coffee in Los Angeles.

  • Episode 18

    Meet the newly appointed chairman of the PlantX advisory board, Jose Abbo. Learn about his experience in the financial markets sector, and his relationship to the plant-based community.

  • Episode 17

    Sean Dollinger talks with Jack Taylor PR's Founder, Jon Bier, and Vice President, Heather Morris about their relationship with PlantX and the health and wellness industry as a whole.

  • Episode 16

    Sean Dollinger talks with Drew Munro, the Co-Founder and CEO of UpMeals.

  • Episode 15

    Sean Dollinger talks with Mikki Bernier of Nootka & Sea, a plant-based cosmetic and personal care company out of BC.

  • Episode 14

    Sean Dollinger talks with the CEO of ELSE Nutrition (TSXV:BABY) about the company's future product lines and their partnership with PlantX.

  • Episode 13

    Sean Dollinger talks with PlantX CEO, Julia Frank, about some of the best moments of 2020, and the company's plans for the new year.

  • Episode 12

    PlantX founder, Sean Dollinger, talks with Mili Ben David and Michael Blicher about the company's expansion into Israel

  • Episode 11

    Watch this vodcast to hear Future Money Trends President, Daniel Ameduri, share his thoughts on the plant-based space.

  • Episode 10

    PlantX founder, Sean Dollinger, talks to PlantX medical advisory board members, Dr. Thomas Burdon & Dr. Eva Weinlander.

  • Episode 9

    PlantX founder, Sean Dollinger, talks with Jonathan Diener, the Chief Creative Officer at Rootless Coffee Co.

  • Episode 8

    Dollinger talks with the co-owner and the general manager of the Locavore Bar & Grill, Cory Balano & Grace Dwight

  • Episode 7

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with Andy Burde from House Plants Shop.

  • Episode 6

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with Nick from Mid Day Squares.

  • Episode 5

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with Andrew and Rob from Les Marchés Tau in Montreal.

  • Episode 4

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with Scott Kurz from IRIS Construction Management

  • Episode 3

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with Bloombox Club Founders Dr. Katie Cooper and John Gilbert.

  • Episode 2

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with PlantX Sales Ambassador Percy Wiredu.

  • Episode 1

    PlantX founder Sean Dollinger talks with PlantX CEO Julia Frank.

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