Coffee is the answer to pretty much everything. Just woke up? Coffee. Busy day of work? Coffee. Want some chill time? Coffee. There’s not much a good old cup of joe won’t solve - so, better make sure you’ve got some in the cupboard, ey? 

Whether you like a hot coffee in the morning or a cold brew to sip on throughout the day, shop PlantX to discover your new favorite vegan coffee blends. ☕ 

From instant coffee to latte mixes, from freshly ground beans to mushroom coffee mix, from fairtrade mixes to organic brews. With all the best coffee brands here at PlantX, whatever your tipple of choice is, we’ve got you covered.

For quality coffee beans, freshly ground, check out Portfolio’s range of single-origin blends. For delicious cold brew, ready-to-drink, Califia Farms is your guy. Or, to discover the rejuvenating potential plant-based coffee has to offer, check out Four Sigmatic’s wellness-based blends. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coffee Bad For Your Skin? 

There is conflicting evidence about the effect of coffee on the skin. Some say that the acidic content of coffee can impact your hormones and change the level of oil your skin produces, while others praise the antioxidants in coffee for protecting your skin from damage. 

The safest thing to do is monitor your skin when you are drinking coffee and see if you can find any kind of pattern. With so many different skin types, coffee affects us all differently. 

Which Coffee Has The Most Antioxidants? 

In general, Robusta beans contain more antioxidants than Arabica beans. Specifically. blonde Robusta coffee contains the most antioxidants.

What Do Vegans Put In Their Coffee?

Vegans can make their coffee 100% vegan-friendly with plant milk or vegan creamer. Take a look at this guide to plant-based milk or this introduction to plant-based coffee to learn more.

Is Coffee Gluten-Free? 

All black coffee is gluten-free. The majority of plant milk brands are gluten-free, however, some people who are sensitive to gluten cannot drink oat milk. This is largely due to the proximity in which oats are grown to wheat.

Additionally, some syrups or added flavorings may also contain gluten-based ingredients so it is always important to check first.

How Is Coffee Made?

Coffee comes from the coffea plant. A plant originally grown in Africa but now grown in many places around the globe, including South America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. Coffee is made with seeds of the coffee plant, called coffee beans. These beans are then dried and packed then roasted or ground. 

Once the coffee has been ground, getting the beans to the cup will depend on how you buy your coffee beans and how you like your coffee to taste. Instant, filtered, made with a french press, v60, or espresso machine - the options are endless.

What Is Organic Coffee? 

Organic coffee is coffee that has been made without any artificial chemical substances, additives, pesticides, or, herbicides. The best organic coffee brands have strict procedures to make sure you are drinking only natural goodness. 

PlantX's handpicked range of the best organic coffee on the vegan market makes it easy to find your perfect organic blend. Simply select the organic filter box as you browse and consult the product information of our wonderful vegan coffee blends available.

What Is The Best Vegan Coffee To Buy Online? 

For those of us looking to buy coffee online, it’s a big world out there. PlantX offers a luxurious and diverse selection of vegan coffee. Whether you are after organic coffee, fairtrade coffee, eco-friendly coffee, or unique plant-based blends - we’re here to bring all your plant-based coffee dreams to life. Everyone is different - we can only recommend trying around and selecting the best for yourself!

How To Find Eco-Friendly Coffee?

Eco-friendly coffee is coffee that is grown and marketed as being unharmful to the environment. Generally, this includes certified organic coffee and fair trade coffee. 

There are several classifications used to measure the supply chain of eco-friendly coffee. This includes various social, environmental, and economic standards. Eco-friendly coffee brands will either be independently certified or verified by an accredited third party. 

Looking to buy eco-friendly coffee online? Take a look at the vegan coffee available at PlantX. Consult the product information to find out more about the journey behind the blend. 

Does Vegan Coffee Give An Energy Boost?

Vegan coffee will give you the same energy boost as non-vegan coffee. Plus you may even experience added plant power from any vegan milk added.