Freshly Baked Breads At Your Doorsteps – PlantX Canada
Franklin Farms - Vegan Wonton Wrap, 12 Oz
Nothing makes a home chef happy other than having versatile wraps in their hands. From traditional wonton soup to fried Rangoon to sweet wonton dessert, Franklin Farms Wonton Wraps have got you covered! Vegan and GMO-free, these healthy wonton wraps...
Tia Lupita - Cactus Tortillas, 7.76oz
These crunchy, flavorful Cactus Tortillas are just what you need for your next Fajita night! Vegan and gluten-free, they will satisfy anyone’s tortilla cravings. Key Information High in fiber! Low calories Free from Gluten and Dairy Non-GMO Sustainable Allergens: Produced...
Franklin Farms - Vegan Round Wraps, 12 Oz
Going for a Japanese or Chinese cuisine for the whole week? Stock some Franklin Farms Round Wraps in your pantry and incorporate them into your gyoza and dumpling recipes for a deliciously healthy meal with your family – it works...
Franklin Farms - Vegan Eggroll Wrap, 16 Oz
Make your traditional egg rolls even better and healthier using Franklin Farms Egg Rolls Wrap. Not only it makes a healthy breakfast for the whole family because it’s vegan, but it also saves you time in the kitchen as it’s...
Little Northern Bakehouse - Gluten-Free Breads
Gluten-free bread no longer feels like a compromise with Little Northern Bakehouse’s amazing range of naturally gluten-free & naturally delicious breads! Key Information Deliciously hearty & healthy sliced breads in Organic Ancient Grain & Sprouted 7 Grain varieties  100% allergen-friendly,...
Nature's Path - Homestyle Waffle, 210g
Get that classic taste of Canada with these thick and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside Homestyle Waffles from Nature’s Path. Key Information One serving contains 10g of whole grains, source of ALA omega-3 Vegan-friendly  Organic ingredients  Gluten-free...
Live Organic Foods - Wraps
Introducing the Organic Wraps by Live Organic Foods, a delicious blank canvas for any meal! An easy way to encourage digestion and elevate simple meals to vegan perfection. Key Information Contains enzymes to aid digestion High in fibre Whole-food ingredients...
IndianLife - Naan Flatbread (Plain & Garlic), 500g
A must-have for any Indian meal, IndianLife Naan Flatbreads (Plain & Garlic) are the perfect vessels for sauces and utterly satisfying on their own.  Key Information Made from an old family recipe No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives Non-GMO and...
Siete - Grain-Free Tortillas, 7oz
All gluten- and dairy-free, Siete’s range of Tortillas are ideal for adding a modern, nutritious flair to your favorite tacos, quesadillas, and wraps. Key Information Gluten- and Grain-Free Soft Tortilla Wraps Vegan and Soy-Free Non-GMO Project Verified Paleo-Diet Compatible Keep...
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