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The mixture is then steeped in the fridge overnight (12 hours or longer). Finally, the mixture is filtered for a smooth texture with no bits.

This, our friends, is what makes Cold Brew so magical. Time, love, care and trust us - taste. Some call it coffee snobbery, others call it art. At PlantX we are on the Cold Brew hype, so have a browse, decide for yourself… you’ll be joining us on the Cold Brew lovin’ committee in no time.

Is Cold Brew stronger than regular coffee?

That’s a tough one, but we will try our best to answer. Due to the delicate and long process to make Cold Brew Coffee there is a less watered-down taste than regular coffee, which may be why many people assume it is stronger. There also tends to be a higher than normal coffee to water ratio in Cold Brew as it is brewed as a concentrate. However, like regular coffee, cold brew is typically served with water or creamer, which evens things out a bit.

So our answer, Cold Brew is most certainly a strong coffee and can be served as such, but whether it is stronger than your regular coffee is up to you and what kind you choose to buy. The power is in your hands… Coffee is an art, not a science, get creative and consume it as you best like.

What is the difference between Cold Brew and regular coffee?

The main difference between Cold Brew and regular coffee is heat. From beginning to end, Cold Brew is exposed to zero heat. Instead, it is time that allows the precious coffee oils, caffeine, and sugars to be extracted from the ground coffee beans. Compared to regular coffee it is a loving but lengthy process.

There are other differences too. Cold Brew has lower levels of acidity than regular coffee, which people with sensitive digestive systems may favor. It is also argued that the long process to make Cold Brew coffee flattens the coffee taste, leaving behind more nuances in the flavor. Cold Brew is often described as less bitter than regular coffee, full-bodied, rich, and having a whole mouthfeel.

Is Cold Brew coffee good for you?

Let’s be honest, here at PlantX, we are not scientists. But we are most certainly coffee lovers, so we did a bit of research into the possible health benefits of Cold Brew Coffee, and my oh my were we pleased.

Firstly, Caffeine Cold Brew, just like regular coffee, contains caffeine. The caffeine in coffee is often said to boost your metabolism. Caffeine is argued to increase your metabolic rate by speeding up how fast your body can burn fat. In some cases, caffeine has been shown to raise the resting metabolic rate by up to 11 percent. So, if you are looking for a way to get your metabolism working faster - maybe Cold Brew is your friend.

Secondly, the age-old health benefits you have heard about regular coffee are also present in Cold Brew coffee. Cold Brew, like regular coffee, is high in antioxidants and is a guaranteed mood boost in the mornings.

Finally, while evidence and scientific research are varied there are also claims that Cold Brew helps prevent multiple health conditions. For example, there are links to suggest Cold Brew could help lower the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's disease and can even help you live longer … too early to call it a super coffee yet?

Is Cold Brew better for me than regular coffee?

Again, this is hard to answer. However, the most well-known benefit of Cold Brew over regular coffee is that it may be easier on your stomach. Many people avoid coffee because it is acidic. This means that it often stimulates acid reflux and can cause discomfort. Cold Brew coffee is less acidic than hot coffee and contains compounds that may protect your stomach from this acidity. Therefore, it may cause less unpleasant digestive and acid reflux symptoms than regular or coffee.

However, be careful. Cold Brew is only slightly less acidic than regular coffee and evidence to back these claims is limited. So, if you are sensitive to regular coffee, do give Cold Brew a try, but be prepared it may not be the same for everyone!

How long does Cold Brew Concentrate last?

After brewed and ready to go, Cold Brew concentrate can be stored in the fridge to make a tasty glass whenever your heart desires. However, from the point of completion, you have around 8-14 days before the flavors start to go downhill (and quite rapidly may we add!)

However, Cold Brew is the perfect combination of taste and ease and, to be quite honest, you will more likely be wondering how to make more than how to use up your last batch!

The History of Cold Brew

Putting a finger on the origins of Cold Brew is quite tricky! Many countries have their own versions of cold coffee. Thailand, Vietnam, India, Greece to name a few … However, the first evidence of cold-brewed coffee, made completely with cold water, is in Japan with the Kyoto-Style Japanese Coffee:

Kyoto-Style coffee is the earliest record of cold-brew coffee. Evidence suggests that the Japanese were brewing coffee this way in the 1600s for sure, but it could have begun much earlier than this!

Over time, Kyoto-Style brews have become a work of pure art. Instead of fully submerging grounds for hours, the coffee is brewed every single bead of water at a time. This slow and delicate process is not only beautiful to watch but also creates fine and elegant Cold Brews.

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