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Let’s face it, nobody likes a stinky pit. Thank the lord for deodorant! This is the product that has been our saving grace pretty much since we entered puberty. Deodorant is the everyday superhero that keeps nasty smells away and gets us fresh and ready for our day. What would we do without it?

Deodorant is probably the one product we all rely on. Whatever your age, gender, size, or style, deodorant is a must-have staple. The average human produces a liter of sweat every day, so we can see why it is such an essential! Deodorant is the most basic self-care product that freshens us up 365 days a year. If you are not using it, you probably should be. If you are using it, you probably can’t live without it. 

However, because deodorant is such a staple, we probably don’t give much thought to how it works, how to choose the best product for us, and how we should use it. Let’s dive in! 

What is Deodorant?

Deodorant is a product that can be sprayed, wiped, or dabbed onto a specific area of your skin to counteract the smell of body odor and keep you smelling fresh. Most commonly, deodorant is used to mask the odor of sweat and it is applied to the underarms both before or after sweating. However, it can be applied anywhere on the body you sweat (except areas with mucous membranes such as eyes, noses, ears, and genitalia). 

How does deodorant work? 

To understand how deodorant works, we first have to understand what makes our armpits smell in the first place. Well, that’s sweat, right? Wrong. The plot twist is that sweat is actually odorless! So, what causes the odor? Odor is generally caused when sweat mixes with the bacteria on our skin. This is where deodorant comes in. The role of deodorant is not to eliminate sweat, but to get rid of bacteria. It works by killing bacteria on the surface of the skin, so when you sweat there is no smell! They also often contain a fragrance that makes you smell sweet, sweat or no sweat. 

Why is deodorant good? Because sweating helps regulate your body temperature and may also help get rid of some toxins.

What is antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant is similar to deodorant - the aim is to stop the smell of sweat. But, it works in a different way. Instead of killing bacteria, the role of antiperspirants is to stop us from sweating. It uses an active ingredient (usually an aluminum compound) to react with the electrolytes we sweat out. This creates a thick gel that clogs our sweat pores, stopping us from sweating. 

Usually, deodorants we buy nowadays also contain antiperspirants, meaning they also reduce the amount we sweat, as well as killing the bacteria that make us smell. There is some debate over whether antiperspirant is always good for us because it stops us from sweating which is a natural process, however, generally, they are considered completely safe to use.

Which deodorant is best for the planet?

Unfortunately, often all of the different types of deodorant can contain some chemicals which are great for making lovely smelling perfumes, but not so great for our planet. Also, with all of the one-use plastic, the packaging is not so good for the environment either. 

But, here is the good news. More and more companies are aware of this and are innovating new ways of making deodorant good for us and our planet. Take the Nfuse Natural Magnesium Roll-on for example. It is cruelty-free and contains no artificial ingredients, making it better for the planet and us! Here at PlantX, we have a great range of environmentally friendly deodorants, so why not have a browse! 

How to choose a deodorant?

It is completely up to you which kind of deodorant you want to pick. If you sweat a lot and you would prefer not to, it is probably a good idea to try a deodorant with antiperspirant to stop you from sweating so much. However, if you want to keep it simple, an all-in-one deodorant will go down a treat! If you are conscious of the environment, try looking for some all-natural deodorants that don’t contain any chemicals. Basically, whatever your priority is, there is a deodorant out there for you, all you have to do is find it! With our great range of deodorants, designed to cater to your every need, the PlantX page is a great place to start looking! 

The Ultimate Battle: Roll-on vs Spray Deodorant

Round 1: Smell

Both roll-on and spray do well in this round, they both provide the vital ingredients to mask that sweat smell. However, spray often contains more noticeable perfume elements, so if a stronger smell is for you, spray wins Round 1!

Round 2: Size

When it comes to size, a roll-on is a more practical choice. It is small and more compact, which makes it easier to slip into your bag, use on the go or take on holiday. Roll-on wins Round 2. 

Round 3: Speed

When we are applying deodorant, speed is not our biggest worry. However, if you are in a rush, a quick spray will sort you out right away, while a roll-on needs a few minutes to dry off. Round 3 goes to spray.

Round 4: Look

While both types of deodorant are typically invisible, when you put your clothes on, deodorant can cause those dreaded white marks. Although you have to wait for it to dry, roll-on generally doesn’t cause white marks, which is why it is the winner of Round 4. 

Round 5: Effectiveness

Effectiveness... this is the big one. Both roll-on and spray are effective at keeping our armpits smell-free. However, thanks to its compact and direct application, a roll-on ensures full and direct coverage of the offending area and a few swipes is all you need for long-lasting protection. Thanks to this directness, you also only need a little bit to go a long way. For this reason, roll-on takes the crown! 

So, in this contest, it looks like roll-on just pips spray to the post, but it’s a close one. Who is your winner? You decide. 

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