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Whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or a horse person, no one should have to choose between their beloved pet and the presence of wholesome natural indoor plants in their life. Unfortunately however, many common houseplants are in fact not safe for pets. 

This is because some plants have toxic chemicals or other components, that if ingested, or in some cases just rubbed against by a domestic animal, may cause health problems like seizures, tremors and more.

In an ideal world - apparently the one we live in here at PlantX - you can have your cake and eat it! You can have indoor houseplants that are beautiful, add greenery and purify the air in your home, as well as being safe for your furry, shaggy, short-haired or otherwise appearing feline or canine friend. Pets and plants united!

Why Are Some Plants Dangerous For Pets?

Some plants tend to have systemic effects on certain animals, in particular on their gastrointestinal tract, due to toxins they contain. A given plant may be dangerous for cats and not dogs, or for horses and not cats. And while there are lists available citing plants (both indoor and outdoor) to look out for, these tend not to be all-inclusive, and as a pet owner it’s important to consider the fact that individual plants may differ in appearance and have unique effects on different animals.

In some cases, the consumption of a certain plant’s material (the specific element of which can be referred to as ‘toxic principles’, such as Lycorine for example) may cause vomiting or gastrointestinal upset. Other clinical signs include depression, diarrhea, abdominal pain, hypersalivation, anorexia and tremors. And due to differing levels of toxicity, some other plants may even be life-threatening. So, if your beloved animal friend ever does chow down on a plant, or even brush up against one outfits leaves - even one unlikely to cause health issues - be sure to watch closely for any signs of a negative reaction, which may be as minor as a slight tummy ache, or something more severe.

What Are Some Examples of Pet Friendly Plants?

From the Bird’s Nest ‘Nidus’ Fern to the Japanese Maple Tree Bonsai (which comes with a DIY Planting Kit) and Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants, PlantX has got your back when it comes to protecting your pets.

Beyond this, there are a range of plant species that are technically safe for cats and dogs - though it’s always best to stay on the side of caution and eliminate temptation altogether for your beloved hound or kitty, and keep houseplants out of reach. Some other pet friendly plants include the African Violet, Air Plant, Aluminum Plant or Watermelon Plant, Christmas Cactus Plant, some Ferns, some Herbs, the Lace Flower Vine or Chocolate Soldier, the Lipstick Plant, Parlor Palm, Moth Orchid and more. 

Just have a browse below to see the wonderful options here at PlantX!

Why have Indoor Plants at all?

Is having a beautiful pet at home not enough? It may be for some, but there are many reasons why indoor plants are a fantastic, pet-friendly addition to a home. Numerous studies have shown that houseplants have air-purifying qualities - absorbing toxins from the air and improving fresh air circulation. But more than this, indoor plants are plain pretty, they can be affordable, and have been linked with a number of health benefits such as improved mood, productivity, concentration, reduced stress and more. 

Beyond this, almost all indoor plants bring a vibrancy that comes from having a living growing thing in your house. They’re also great for trapping and holding onto dust that would otherwise cover other surfaces in your home such as furniture, kitchen benches or clothes (they help you keep things clean!). And finally of course they provide that invaluable ecological service of photosynthesis, helping keep the air breathable for us human beans and other living creatures.

How to Care for Your Pet Friendly Plants

To make sure you’re caring for both your kitty, pup, horse and plants, consider the following: indoor plant care requires watering, correct exposure to sunlight, the right soil and nutrients, humidity and temperature. The pet friendly plants available on PlantX can live and grow under different conditions - be sure to go over the specifications for each individual plants

1. Sunlight and temperature: most indoor plants can be grown in indirect sunlight and generally thrive with standard indoor temperatures of between 55°F - 80°F (13°C - 27°C)

2. Watering and drainage: almost all indoor plants do require watering as well as a drainage system to prevent root rot and similar afflictions. Get good pots!

3. Insect pests and diseases: from aphids to spider mites, whiteflies and scale - there are pests and diseases that always pose a risk to indoor plants. When it comes to diseases, the most common problem is caused by overwatering, which can lead to root rot. Make sure you don’t make your soil too soggy!

4. Pots and supports: some pet friendly plants may climb and so may require supports like a trellis or pole, others will be better placed in hanging baskets. But remember above all to keep indoor plants out of reach of your pets as much as possible!

Don’t compromise on having indoor plants just because you have wonderful pets at home. Safe, cleansing houseplants are a great piece of decor that both you and your animals can love - they look good, smell good and perhaps most importantly can make you feel good. 

Here at PlantX, our range of pet friendly indoor plants are perfect for those with a cat or a dog living inside at home. But always remember to do your research and ensure that any given plant is safe for your specific pet - and as always, put caution first!

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